343 Industries’ Halo Infinite Store Is Now Offering a Cat-Themed Armor Covering

343 Studios has released a cat-lovers package for Halo Infinite
Image Via 343 Studios

Once a game is dropped, developers and publishers have to keep gamers interested. One of the best ways to do so is by continuously releasing fun updates.

That is what 343 Industries is thinking with their offerings in the Halo Infinite shop. New items are released every Tuesday at 10 AM and can be purchased with credits.

343 Studios has released a cat-lovers bundle for Infinite Halo
Image Via 343 Industries

This week, the studio targets animal lovers, especially those who prefer felines. The cat-lovers bundle has several different features to make your armor look a bit cattier. First, the helmet in the bundle features cat ears. In addition, the helmet has what the game-makers are calling “purrfect audio.” And lastly, gamers will receive a tabby charm which they can add to their weapon. The package costs 1,000 credits.

The most expensive bundle this week, coming in at 2,000 credits, may appeal specifically to fans of Marvel comics. Dubbed the Fire and Frost package, this bundle will give your Spartan armor the red and gold armor made famous by Iron Man. Players must already have the Yoroi and Mark V armor core to qualify for this package. The bundle also includes the Trash Removal Stance and the nameplate, weapon decal, and emblem for Tempest of Blades.

There are also some other food-related charms available. The Chow-Down bundle offers a pizza slice and bacon charm and to celebrate lovers of Lord of the Rings, a Second Breakfast, emblem, nameplate, and weapon decal.

Lastly, coming in at 1,500 credits is the Maltese Mayhem Weapon Set. This pack includes several different weapon styles.

Check out all of the newest offerings here.

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