343 Studios Releases Two More Clips Displaying Halo: Infinite Gameplay

Halo: Infinite Gameplay

Gamers have eagerly been awaiting the chance to play Halo: Infinite for years. The game was first announced via a trailer back in 2018. The stated release date for the game was November 2020.

Image Via Xbox Game Studios

Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic and other factors, though, that release never happened. The game is now expected to debut on December 8, 2021.

The time gap has actually served developer 343 Industries well. A trailer dropped back in July of 2020 was critically panned. Critics were dismissive of the graphics and the internet zeroed in on a weird-looking character they named Craig.

Things are looking up for 343, however. 2 weeks ago, a new trailer was released which showed significantly better-looking graphics. And people were thrilled to see that Craig looked much better than before.

Through a partnership with IGN, two more videos of Halo: Infinite gameplay has now been released. These clips display the Streets portion of the game and look incredible.

IGN’s Ryan McCaffrey wrote of his first play of the game:

“Streets is a small, asymmetrical battleground set in New Mombasa at night. This immediately sets it apart, visually speaking, from the other Halo Infinite multiplayer maps we’ve seen in the test flights thus far. It’s got numerous subtle artistic touches, such as the “Holodog” advertisement, the retro-style Halo Infinite arcade cabinet that plays a MIDI version of the Halo theme, the skyline you can see in the background from certain vantage points on the map, and the glass railings that you can just smash right through. It’s a very fast map with short sightlines, and I really enjoyed it.”

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