5 Best Blockhain Games Like Axie Infinity

The Blockchain revolution is here and everyone wants a piece of it by either buying a new cryptocurrency or by purchasing fancy NFTs. But there is another way to enter this ecosystem and make some money by playing games. Yes, that’s right you can play games on the internet to earn NFTs.

Now, most gamers are aware of popular games blockchain-based games like Axie Infinity. With over 2.5 million monthly, this Ethereum based game is a force to reckon with. However, Axie Infinity has been around since 2018 when most people didn’t even know about NFTs and blockchains.

Over the last three years, Axie Infinity has become very popular and the player base is now getting highly saturated making it difficult for beginners to make any money without facing steep competition. On top of that, the three initial Axies required to play the game have become more expensive over time. Since Axie Infinity operates on the Ethereum blockchain, you will also need to consider the gas fees for the cryptocurrency.

So if you wanted to hop on to the blockchain and NFT bandwagon by playing Axie Infinity then it will require a lot of effort to make this hobby at least profitable. However thanks to the recent surge of alternatives games, it’s still easy to enter the crypto space and earn some money.

Here’s a list of some fun blockchain-based games if you are looking for an alternative to Axie Infinity:

Best Blockhain Games Like Axie Infinity

1. Yo Hero Metaverse

This game shares a lot of similarities with Axie Infinity because it’s made by the same developer that created the game. Sky Mavis created this game as their second venture into the play-to-earn ecosystem of games.

Yo Hero Metaverse is based on the Binance Smart Chain instead of Ethereum like Axie Infinity. While Binance is more centralized in comparison to Ethereum, it is considered more accessible due to its cheaper gas fees and faster transactions.

Coming to the gameplay, Yo Hero Metaverse is very similar to Axie Infinity. But instead of breeding monsters, you control cute monsters called YOLOs in this game. You will require at least three YOLOs to create a new character and five if you wish to participate in PvE and PVP battles. The most important tokens in the game are YHC and YO which can be easily acquired from the Binance Exchange

While there is a still long way to go before this game becomes highly popular like Axie Infinity, it has a chance of getting there because it’s made by the same developers.

2. Splinterlands

Splinterlands is a very popular blockchain-based game with a player base of more than 300K daily users. It is a card game where you can trade different cards and receive rewards on your smartphone or computer. You can compete against other players in different game modes such as tournaments, quests and ranked with your cards

While the game is powered by its own blockchain, it is also compatible with other blockchains such as Ethereum, Tron and WAX which makes it pretty unique. This provides stability to the game and ensures that the value of your cards increases over time.

3. My Neighbor Alice

If you like enjoy games like Farmville then you should definitely check out My Neighbour Alice. This multiplayer game takes its inspiration from both Animal Crossing and Farmville, where you need to look after your virtual land in order to earn NFTs.

You can buy and earn NFTs by trading in virtual real estate via the Alice Marketplace available in the game. There are activities such as fishing, farming or quests that can also be used to earn ERC-20 ALICE tokens in the game. You can also find tokens for the game on exchanges such as Binance and due to the high popularity of the game.

Do check My Neighbor Alice if you like the concept of looking after your own virtual property and taking activities.

4. My DeFi Pet

Just like Axie Infinity, you can train and manage your own pets in My Defi Pet. It is a blockchain-based game where you need to train and breed your pets by getting eggs from the in-game marketplace. You also have the option to use the DPET token in the game to purchase farmland and provide food for your hungry pets.

As you make progress in the game by breeding and evolving your pets, you can compete in various battles and challenges to earn some crypto rewards. Thanks to the Binance Smart Chain that powers the game, the cost of purchasing and transferring the DPET tokens is cheaper in comparison to Axie Infinity.

Do check out My DeFi Pet if you are looking for a good alternative to Axie Infinity


Sorare is a fantasy football card game based on blockchain where you can create your own football team to receive NFTs.You need to collect digital player cards which you can resell or trade with other players to earn a profit.

You can start playing Sorare simply by purchasing trading cards available on the Ethereum blockchain. These cards will then be yours to keep in the form of NFTs.The game has been rising in popularity in recent times with a valuation of 4.3 billion and it has over 230 clubs that have been officially licensed. So if you enjoy the world of Football then Sorare might be the perfect game for you to earn some money.

That’s all the popular blockchain games making waves on the internet right now. Since this is a relatively new space, beware of any blockchain-based games that promise “guaranteed returns” or claim to “double your investment”. There are a lot of scams and fake clones of popular games on the internet so make sure to do your research before you invest in any of these games.

Written by Borut Udovic

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