5 Things We Want to See in the Elden Ring DLC

5 Things We Want to See in the Elden Ring DLC
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Elden Ring is coming up on being one of the best-selling games of all time. As a result, people are excited at the prospect of Elden Ring DLC. 

It has won the most awards in gaming history and the most awards in gaming history. Even a year after release, it brings in new players daily. However, old players who’ve run the game dry are starting to itch for some new content and the upcoming DLC.

DLCs have always been FromSoftware’s stronger side, and we expect nothing less for Elden Ring. Players are already speculating on what’s to come; thus, we’ve made this list to express what we’d want to see in Elden Ring’s first expansion.

More (Unique) Boss Variety

While Elden Ring has nearly 200 boss fights, most are reskins of enemies previously encountered in the world or as another boss. One example is the endless Apostle fights that seem to pop up everywhere. Out of those 200, only 9 or 10 are unique, meaning they appear only once and are entirely their own thing.

That isn’t a good track record and has been the point of contention for most players. Therefore, we’d like more new bosses added but no more reskin battles. All bosses in the DLC should be unique and have only one encounter. If they do the same again, FromSoftware risks losing out on players due to the tediousness of repetitive bosses and enemies.

New and Better Regions

Elden Ring
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The final two regions of Elden Ring’s base map left much to be desired and were pale compared to the earlier sections of the game. Thus, FromSoftware should look to add a new region, or several new ones, with much more detail and unique content. The later stages of Elden Ring were very repetitive, despite Leyndell being the game’s crown jewel.

We need levels to be more like Leyndell and less like Mountaintop of the Giants, a region devoid of appropriate content.

More Ashes of War

A highlight of Elden Ring’s combat is certainly the Ashes of War, unique spells for different weapon classes. They added a ton of creativity and depth to weapons and made obsolete weapon categories fun and valuable. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for previous FromSoftware titles, where most stuff you found was useless and entirely there as a gimmick.

We hope that FromSoftware will step up their game with Ashes of War in the Elden Ring DLC. More unique ways of using our weapons will break repetitiveness and offer us fun ways of conquering the gauntlet.

Better Balance

Elden Ring, while a superbly designed game, has severe issues with balance. Some weapons are overturned and broken; others might be too weak. Bosses are a genuine issue in this regard, as some bosses keep attacking like there’s no tomorrow, making them nearly unbeatable (looking at you here, Malenia, Blade of Miquella).

FromSoftware should take a deeper look at how to balance things in this expansive game where its own size kills its systems. To prevent the DLC from crumbling under its weight, FromSoftware should balance all weapons and bosses perfectly to keep the game fun, engaging, and not too difficult or easy.

At times we felt like we were fighting little girls; at others, it was like we were the little girl after all. FromSoftware urgently needs to address this issue, and leaving it unsolved would significantly harm the DLC’s quality.

Answers to Some Big Story Questions

The lore and overarching story of Elden Ring are fascinating. This is no surprise considering G.R.R. Martin of A Song of Ice and Fire fame wrote them. His and Miyazaki’s minds combined to create a fantastic story that continuously intrigued us. However, some big questions were left unanswered and up for too much debate.

For the DLC to feel like it complements the game properly, we need those story questions answered. Tie-ins with the main story are necessary to better our understanding of the world and to deepen some shallow characters. Big story players like Malenia, Miquella, Radagon, and Marika need more to feel like complete characters.

We hope the story will be as good as the base game and tie in with it perfectly (like any DLC expansion should).

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Elden Ring is a massive and fantastic game. However, some things are lacking and should be included/fixed in the upcoming DLC. The five points above are just some of our major wishes, while many more are spread out among the player base in heated forum debates. Nevertheless, we trust FromSoftware will deliver at any rate, as their track record has been near-perfect these past few years.

Written by Vuk Jovanovic

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