7 Days To Die: Can You Mine Brass? Find Out!

7 Days to Die is a brutal survival game where you have to be smart in managing your resources.

Many of the resources to create useful items and important structures, such as iron and brass,  are limited.

Brass is especially scarce, as the only source for them is through smelting found items.

At the moment, Brass is not a mineable resource. So you will have to keep scavenging if you want more.

Check down below for more information about Brass in 7 Days to Die.

Can You Mine Brass? Find Out! – 7 Days To Die

Unfortunately Brass is still a limited resource in 7 Days to Die. There still isn’t any way to mine it or to combine other minerals to form it.

The best way to find Brass is to find a neighborhood and salvage all of the doors, radiators, door knobs etc. that you can find.

You can then smelt those salvaged items in a Forge in order to create Brass that you can use for crafting.

Written by Borut Udovic

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