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7 Days to Die Motorcycle | How to Make

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The further you progress in zombie survival game 7 Days to Die, the more you’ll need to start exploring the game’s open world. Your main need is to acquire more resources and establish a new base, one that you can finally call home. While a truck is a very useful vehicle, it is also one of the most difficult vehicles to obtain. That is why we prefer to ride in style on the motorcycle, which is ideal for quick in-and-out missions. So, if you’re wondering how to make a motorcycle, keep reading to find out.

How to Make a Motorcycle in 7 Days to Die

How to Make a Motorcycle in 7 Days to Die

To make a motorcycle in 7 Days to Die, you need to craft two wheels, a motorcycle chassis, motorcycle handlebars, an engine, and one lead car battery at a workbench. Getting all of these materials can be difficult; however, the benefit is that you can craft the two main components yourself. However, before we get into that, it’s good to note that you can only make a motorcycle if you have either the schematic for it or the Grease Monkey Perk level 3. Once you have either one of those, you can begin to build your two-wheeled beauty.

To begin you’ll need two wheels, which you can find as loot at gas stations or in garages. Then you can get the engine and lead car battery by dismantling vehicles using a wrench. Next, you’ll need to craft the motorcycle chassis. To do that, you’ll need 25 forged steel, 10 mechanical parts, 10 duct tape, 10 leather, and three electrical parts. The finishing touch is your motorcycle handlebars. For this, you’ll need 10 mechanical parts, 10 duct tape, six electrical parts, five forged steel, and one headlight.

Now that you have everything you need, you can easily craft the motorcycle at the workbench. It’s also good to note that you’ll be needing a gas can to refuel your motorcycle and a repair kit to keep it running smoothly. Nonetheless, now you have a set of wheels that you can use to explore all of 7 Days to Die‘s open world. Not to mention you’ll have more storage space for larger hauls when you’re out gathering resources.

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Written by Andrew Smith