7 Days To Die: The ULTIMATE ROBOTICS Guide

7 Days to Die offers a wide range of arsenal to players to help deal with the onslaught of relentless zombie hordes and enemies. In order to deal with more serious threats, the game also provides robotic turrets and drones that will help you exterminate hordes of zombies within seconds.

This guide will tell you everything you need to know about Robotics in the game.


1. Robotic Sledge Turret

This is the earliest available robotic item and this robotic sledge turret can hit zombies to push them away. Since it does not require stamina to use, it is a very useful item that can ensure that your enemies stay grounded.

This can be handy if you don’t have a weapon with a good knockback effect such as knives or a spear, just place the turret on the ground by right-clicking and it will knock all the enemies in its radius.

If you manage to place them in the perfect spot then you can get useful during insane nightmares difficulty where knockdowns are very important.

You can place them in a retreat location so you can run away by leading zombies to the location of the turret.

A couple of things worth noting are that they cannot move, they can only attack in a wide range in front of them and they don’t deal much damage themselves.

However, if you used them correctly then you deal a lot of damage by combining them with a weapon like clubs which deal bonus damage to downed enemies if you have a few ranks of Pummel Pete.

The turret can be modified further with a weighted head and a burning shaft to increase the knockdown chance as well as boost the base damage.

In order to craft a level 5 robotic sledge turret, you will need 12 Robotic Parts, 120 Forged Iron,30 Duct Tape,30 Scrap Polymers and 30 Springs.

2. Robotic Turret

The Robotic Turret is the big brother of the Robotic Sledge Turret as can fire gunshots at incoming hordes of zombies. The only catch is that you need to pick them up and reload the ammo yourself.

The amount of ammo that you can add to them depends on the Robotic Inventor Perk which allows you to add upto 50 additional rounds at the final rank to the turret’s ammo reserve. You can also use a drum magazine to double the capacity of the turret.

These turrets are really powerful and useful especially in the single player if you pair it with a stun baton allowing you to perform the role of crowd control as the turret deals with an onslaught of zombie hordes.

Some of the mods worth adding to the turret are the drum magazine to increase the capacity,  and the full auto mod for a 12% faster fire rate.

The requirements to craft the robotic turret are the same as the sledge turret with the requirement of 40 Forged Steel instead of 120 Forged Iron. These turrets use robotic turret ammo and it is made purely of iron.

The ammo-piercing variant will deal extra damage but also comes at the cost of extra iron.

Since ammo can be found in abundance by digging it out of the ground. The ammo piercing ammo is worth the extra cost as it will help you deal better with those zombies.

There is also the option to use robotic shotgun ammo which consumes 1 Iron and 1 Buckshot but it isn’t much useful.

3. Robotic Drone

The last robotic item on the list is the Robotic Drone which is more of a companion rather than a weapon. It offers 16 inventory slots making it appealing to those looking to carry some additional items with them. The drone also takes some basic companion commands such as following you around or staying in one location.

There are 4 mod slots to further customize the drone and this is where it really shines. The first one is the armour plating mod which gives it extra armour to increase its defensive ability and it’s only helpful when you are dealing with a cop and vulture spit zombies or if other players are shooting at the drone.

Next is the medic mod which will automatically heal when you take a certain amount of damage. You need to put some medic kits or bandages in the drone’s inventory for the mod to function.

Since the Physician Perk does not apply to the drone, the amount healed from it will not be boosted by the Perk.

Third is the headlamp mod which is a big headlight that allows you to see in the dark allowing you to utilize the drone as a guiding light. Fourth is the Stamina booster which will give you a 10% boost to stamina regeneration.

Last but not least is the Cargo Mod which lets you add 4 cargo mo to a level 6 drone. Each of these cargo mods will provide you with 8 more inventory slots resulting in 48 additional slots making it a secondary backpack of sorts.

However, this mod can be buggy at times so it is recommended not to put any essential or critical items in the drone as they can disappear sometimes.

All the robotic items listed above are controlled by the Robotic Inventor Perk which is an Intellect Perk having 5 ranks maxing out at 10 intellect. Each rank further increases the firing rate and damage capacity of the turrets while also extending the range covered by them.

By default, you can only deploy one turret at a time but unlocking the final rank will allow you to deploy 2 active turrets at a single time.

These can be two sledge turrets or two robotic turrets or one sledge and one robotic turret. Do note that the drone is not included in the turret limit and it is not boosted by the perk meaning that you can only deploy one drone at a time.

The Tech Junkie Skillbook can also affect the turrets allowing them to deal more damage, degrade slower and craft two additional ammo types. It will also you to bulk craft the two ammo types at 20% cheaper.

The best way to utilize your sledge turret is during horde nights as they can be pretty handy for moving zombies into another location by knocking them into traps or pushing them off a bridge.

Do note that the turret can sometimes trigger the demolition zombies resulting in the explosion of the turret itself. It is best to angle them on the opposite side to avoid triggering the explosive.

Robotic Turrets can also be deployed at horde nights and they are also very effective at clearing the non-demolition zombies. However, they can also trigger demolition buttons so it’s best to keep them away from such zombies.

Since their ammo is extremely cheap and the firing rate is very fast, they clear an incoming onslaught of enemies very easily especially when you have two of them.

Do note that these turrets generate a lot of heat especially when you have two of them deployed together which can attract more screamers zombies into the area.

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Written by Borut Udovic

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