8 Disney Dreamlight Valley Ideas To Make It Even Better

As someone who has been playing Disney Dreamlight Valley since the early access for the game dropped, I will admit it’s hard to keep playing between each update. I do all the quests for the newest villagers within a week, and then I’m left with nothing to do except the same repetitive duties until the next update comes around.

So far, that’s been months apart. Don’t get me wrong; I know the game is still in early access, and the developers have been great about keeping up with players on social media. It just feels like more could be done to keep it interesting while we wait for new content.

I’ve read many discussions on social media where people throw out their ideas to keep the game fresh and engaging. So let’s review some of the best ideas for Disney Dreamlight Valley. 

Minigames To Play With the Villagers

Others suggest minigames be put in the game to keep us engaged.

Hide and Seek with the villagers, puzzles, word games, and even mazes would bring life to the characters again. Diner Dash with Remy or Trivia with Merlin, the possibilities are endless.

A Surprise Party Just for You

Another idea that’s been well received is the villagers throwing you a birthday party on your actual birthday. Who doesn’t love the idea of that?

Regarding the other Disney Dreamlight Valley ideas presented, I think this one will genuinely speak to everyone’s inner child!

Visiting Merchants With New Items

Eventually, having new characters act as visiting merchants to bring new clothes, furniture and recipes would also make logging in daily worthwhile.

Imagine Belle’s father rolling into town to sell you inventions. Or having the Seven Dwarfs visit and occasionally sell you gems they find from mining!

Fresh Dialogue and New Quests

Many say they would like some fresh dialogue for the characters. In addition, once a character is maxed to level ten, it would be nice to be asked for special favors.

Possible quests could be Remy asking for help at his restaurant. Goofy could ask you to go fishing with him. Maybe Minnie can ask for your help to gather her favorite flowers. Something that makes the characters still feel like they matter rather than just having them mindlessly walk through the valley.

Let Us Ride Mounts In Game

Getting around the valley on foot can be a bit of a pain. Additionally, teleporting from well to well can be so dull.

What if we could fly around on the Magic Carpet or catch a ride from Pegasus? That would liven the gameplay up a bit!

Make Objects Interactable and Usable

I can’t be the only one who was bummed to find out that the Wreck-it Ralph Arcade game wasn’t actually playable.

This piggybacks off of the previously mentioned addition of minigames. Make it playable! I also think small details like being able to flush a toilet in your house. You should also be able to open a refrigerator and use it to store ingredients for recipes!

Give Us the Option To Change the Time of Day

Giving us the option to change what time of day it is in the game would benefit people who can’t always play during the daytime.

Sometimes I couldn’t play until late in the evening, and some characters have an early bedtime.

I’m looking at you, Buzz Lightyear. Why does a toy even need to sleep?

Anywho, once they’re fast asleep, you can’t interact with them, making some quests next to impossible to finish.

Play Dress Up and Extreme Home Makeover With Villagers

Countless hours of fun could come from being able to dress up characters in different outfits from their endless catalogs of shows and movies.

Also, being able to give their homes a makeover and do some interior design for them would be a blast. They could rate how you did and give you rewards for your efforts!

Wrapping Up

These Disney Dreamlight Valley ideas aside, for being early access, this game is truly a wonder. It’s fun, silly, and full of nostalgia. So jump in now and get your feet wet because I’m sure some more big things are coming for players!


Written by Kayla Marie

An artist and avid gamer who will judge you heavily based upon your favorite movie.

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