A Game Based on Viral Netflix Hit Squid Game Is Rumored to Be in Development

Netflix Squid Game Video Game
Still Shot Via Siren Pictures

The latest viral hit on streaming giant Netflix is a South Korean survival drama called Squid Game. Released earlier this month, it is now the number one show in over 90 countries including the United States and the United Kingdom.

Still Shot Courtesy of Siren Pictures Inc.

The show has also been one of the top trending topics on Twitter since its debut. And Cardi B’s outfits at Paris Fashion Week have sparked a number of popular Squid Game memes.

It is only natural that the next step for the show would be an adaptation into a video game. According to Tom Henderson, one may already be in development.

The well-connected writer tweeted over the weekend, “Apparently a “SQUID GAME” type of game is in development already. I’m not sure on the developer just yet though. The future of BR is coming.”

Henderson continued, “Fall Guys is already this I guess. But it’s something different. Who knows, maybe you just get shot in the head if you lose instead of falling or something.”

The storyline of Squid Game is nearly a perfect fit for a video game.

In the television series, large numbers of ‘players’ compete in various games. The consequences for the losers of these games are quite dire.

The developers of the game will want to get it released soon to take advantage of the current popularity of the IP. A second season is rumored but has yet to be confirmed by showrunner Hwang Dong-hyuk.

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