A List Games Announces New ‘Live Service’ Game Publisher With ‘Community First’ Focus

Photo Credit: Kingshunt by Vaki Games

A List Games on Tuesday revealed its plans to bring two “community first” games to market. The games, Kingshunt and Hell is Others are part of the company’s effort to deliver evergreen content with two live service video game franchises.

The term “live service” refers to a game that offers a constant stream of new content that is added post-launch. The games are specifically created to keep gamers engaged and playing for years after launch.

A List Games is part of The Ayzenberg Group, an established full-service advertising agency known for providing market-leading support for AAA games. A List is part of Ayzenberg’s, a diverse collection of independent multi-disciplined companies.

This isn’t the first time A List Games has been led by The Ayzenberg Group. In 2011 it was launched as a marketing service for indie developers and operated under a revenue-sharing agreement.

The company and its new focus are being run by industry veterans who have helped in the delivery of titles for ArenaNet, Bethesda Softworks, Blizzard, and Electronic Arts. 

“We publish live service games because we love building and inspiring communities,” Senior Vice President Steve Fowler said.

“By making sure the community comes first, we can focus when, where and how we use Ayzenberg’s creative might to drive player engagement and retention, strengthening the relationships between players and game developers. If you’re building a great live service game – we want to talk to you,” Fowler added.

Fowler’s work includes time at leading video game and technology companies, including Amazon, Microsoft, and Sega.

Fowler is joined by Senior Business and Product Development Director Ben Walsh, the former studio head and executive producer for Pure Bang Games. Walsh also held lead production roles with Big Huge Games and Bethesda.

The company’s first two multiplayer game promotions will launch on Steam in 2022.

A List Games provided BossLevelGamer with the descriptions for the first two titles they will support:

  • Hell is Others: A top-down shooter requiring players to survive, harvest and farm in a noir love-craftian world featuring an economy fueled by blood.
Hell Is Others
Photo Credit: Hell Is Others by Strelka Games
  • Kingshunt: A third-person MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) where players can summon fierce minions and place powerful towers.
Photo Credit: Kingshunt by Vaki Games

We’re sure to see a lot more about each game given Ayzenberg’s experience promoting games for the likes of EA, Microsoft, Square Enix, Tencent, and Xbox. The company is especially adept at launching titles and building gaming communities around those games.

The A List Games website has information about how game developers can work with the company to promote their titles.

According to its website, A List Games now provides “performance marketing, influencer relations, and press releases to community development, project management, and social media. We can even handle QA, localization, monetization, funding, and live ops support.”

We’ll post more about Hell is Others and Kingshunt once we have the opportunity to review both titles.


Written by Boss Level Gamer