A Plague Tale Requiem: All Chapter 3 Collectible Locations

A Plagues Tale Requiem is a great RPG that allows you to join the medieval world and fight against various enemies. In this game you will play one character and follow a story that has been split into different chapters. Each of these chapters have collectibles that you can find around the chapter and use them to fill up your collectors book.

This guide will show you where to find all collectibles in Chapter 3 in A Plague Tale Requiem.

A Plague Tale Requiem: All Chapter 3 Collectible Locations


The tool collectible will require you to kill 3 soldiers once you’ve learned to craft the extinguish. At the location of the third soldier, there will be a place filled with rats and some areas that you can light up with your spell.

Light up those areas, enter the room shown in the image below and open the chest inside to get the Tool.

A Grave

The “A Grave” Souvenir will require you to get to an area where the first workbench is. This is located right after you exit the city. From there, look right and you will see a small gate that’s locked.

Hit the lock from the gate with your slingshot to remove the lock and enter the area where inside you will find the grave.

Tool 2

The second tool can be found in the same area where the previous collectible was. As you exit the town, look to your left where you will see a building and two guards talking to each other.

Ignore the guards and head to this building shown on the image below. There you will see a chest with the tool inside.


Once you exit the village, you will enter a different area that looks like a forest. From the branches of the trees, you will see pots that are hanging. Find the pot with a flower hanging from it and hit it with your sling.

Once the pot is down, get close to it and interact with it to get the collectible.

Secret Chest

Once you get your slingshot from the depot, you need to turn around and go to the wall where you will see a chest on the right side.

To unlock this chest, you will need a breakable knife. A breakable knife is located on the left side of the area right onto a smaller box inside a bigger box.

Our Home

The Our Home souvenir can be found in the same area where the secret chest was located. Climb a ladder to get to the upper area where there is a bridge that needs to be brought down.

To drop the bridge, shoot the holder on the wall and get to the desk to obtain the Our Home collectible.

And that’s about it. Now you know all the collectibles and their locations in Chapter 3 in A Plague Tale Requiem.

Written by Borut Udovic

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