A Plague Tale Requiem: All Chapter 7 Collectible Locations

A Plague Tale Requiem is a newly released RPG in which players are into the medieval world and fight against various enemies. You are taking a role with your own character that needs to follow the story that has been split into different chapters. There are many chapters where you have to find the collectibles which are part of your collector’s book, and if you come to chapter 7 and you can’t find all of the collectibles, then we will help you out.

In this guide, we will show you all Chapter 7 Collectible Locations in A Plague Tale Requiem!

All Chapter 7 Collectible Locations – A Plague Tale Requiem

Knife 1

This collectible can be found at the beginning of the chapter where you start on the beach. Just walk along the beach and you will come to a Hut on the other side.

Go inside the Hut, and you will find the Knife sitting on the bed in the corner.

Feather 1 – Black Headed Gull

From the Hut where you found the Knife, you have to jump over the window and walk uphill behind the Hut. You will come to an area where the Seagulls are and in front of the rock, you will find plenty of feathers.

Go closer and interact with where the feathers are, and you will find the first feather that you need.

Tool 1

Once you come to the first cave, you will find a cart with a brazier that needs to be pushed. Put fire on the cart and start pushing it inside the dark cave.

After you get inside the cave with the cart, at the very beginning of the tunnel you will notice a small room on your left. Get inside this room and there will be a wooden box in which you will find your tool.

Souvenir 1 – The Survivor

Once you finish exploring the cave, you will come to an exit on the other side where you have to jump down on the beach. Here you will find a shipwreck on your left side and you have to carry on it on the side through the rock.

At this spot above the shipwreck, you will find your souvenir – The Survivor.

Secret Chest 1

As you continue following the path from the previous location, you will come to a cave with a big shipwreck inside. Go through this cave, and you need to come to the wrecked ship.

You will need to move a coffin to advance through a crack, but instead of doing that, on the right side of the coffin, you will find a passage that will bring you to the wrecked ship.

Head to the right side of the coffin where you will find the chest.

Knife 2

Once you meet with Sophia, you will come to another beach where you will have to encounter a few enemies.

At this place, you will find the second knife on the side of the rock which is in front of the small shipwreck.

Tool 2

From the same place on the beach where you found the second knife, you have to continue running along the beach and jump over a small wall on the other side where you will come to the other part of the beach.

In this place, you will find a small ship that is tied to the beach. You have to take the rope and pull the ship to you. Inside this ship, you will find a chest in which upon opening you will find your second tool.

Souvenir 2 – The First Men

From the previous location, just keep walking along the beach. You will come to a big wall where you have to move the wooden obstacle to be able to pass through the crack on the wall.

On the other side, you have to follow the path to the left side where you have to climb on the rock and then you will enter the cave.

Walk down the cave and you will come to a wall with hand prints on it. Exactly on this wall, you will find your second souvenir, The first men.

Tool 3

While traveling the village on the beach, follow the right side until you see a rope that you can pull on a pier.

Pull the rope and then the platform will be destroyed, and the chest which is standing on it will fall down. Then you have to go there and open the chest where you will find your third tool.

That’s it! Now knowing all the locations of the collectibles in chapter 7, you can go into your game and start looking for them.

Written by Borut Udovic

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