Across The Obelisk: How To Unlock Asmody

Across the Obelisk is a coop RPG deckbuilding game where you can play solo or with your friends, choose your heroes, and unlock items and cards. Aside from the characters, you can also find and unlock some pets that are really amazing and are worth being on your list, and if you haven’t got Asmody yet, this is the right time for it.

In this guide, we will show you How to Unlock Asmody.

How To Unlock Asmody

Starting in Act 1, you have to visit A Fun Game node, which is a really rare node and you might need to restart several times until it appears.

Once it appears, ride down the river, and at the waterfall, you will encounter enemies that has to be defeated. After defeating the enemies, you will obtain the first word of the password needed for the event.

Once you obtain the first word of the password, you need to go to the red porta, and there go to visit The Empty Camp where you have to search for the demon summoning book.

Next is Act 4, where you are going to visit the library and search for the demon summoning book.

Check the image below.

Act 4 is a place where you can find very powerful characters.

In the upper level in Act 4, need to visit the magic circle where you can enter the code to summon the demon.

Once completing all these steps, you will be able to unlock Asmody.

Written by Borut Udovic

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