Across the Obelisk: How to unlock Grukli (Warrior)

Grukli is one of the many allies that you meet and probably even help and group up with in Across The Obelisk, this character is pretty good to have with you in combat so it would make sense why you would want to have him in your roster. But many players do not have an option to gain his trust because there is a certain trick that might not catch your eye.

Stick around to find out how to do this trick!

Across the Obelisk: How to unlock Grukli (Warrior)

To unlock Grukli you will need one key item that you can achieve at the very start of the game. This Key item is located in the Small Lake south of the Kingdom of Senenthia.

The Key item is called the Big fish. To obtain it, you need to succeed in fishing it by either participating in the contest or fishing on your own.

If you choose “Fishing“, wolves will attack you and initiate combat, so be ready to fight if you choose this option if you participate in the contest there is a chance that you might need to fight the wolves to claim the big fish.

After this if you want to get to Grukli you will need to defeat the first boss after which you will gain access to the Obelisk which you will need to travel through. When reaching the Obelisk you get to choose between 3 portals a red portal, blue one and a green one.

To get to Grukli you will need to cross the green portal.

By crossing the portal you start the 2nd Act of the game titled The Aquarfall Marsh, once there you will need to travel to the Waterfall’s Ledge and you do this by first going to the North Pier.

Here you will have to get a boat and for that boat, you can either pay 1000g or bet, but betting isn’t efficient since the probability of getting the boat is very low and you risk the chance of losing weapons.

After this you will have to travel to the Waterfall’s Ledge which is located here.

This is where you first meet Grukli, the starving and wounded Dwarf wearing bear skin. He will tell you that he has been wounded and thus has no food and has been starving for a week, here you can either heal his Stomach ache or give him the fish.

But in order to unlock him you will need to give him the fish. Once you give him the fish Grukli’s all yours.

And that is how you unlock the bear wearing starving Dwarf named Grukli, a loyal yet brave companion that will serve you well on your adventures and will help your team out a bunch.

So go get him for your sake and have him close by because you never know when you might need him, anything could happen, you might need him when you least expect it.

Till next time Gamer!

Written by Borut Udovic

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