Activision Blizzard Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Settles for $18 Million

The Washington Post reports that U.S. District Judge Dale Fischer is “prepared to approve” a settlement in the Activision Blizzard sexual harassment lawsuit.

Activision Blizzard Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Settles for $18 Million
Photo Credit: Activision Blizzard

According to a filing by the California court, it states “The Court is generally satisfied that both the monetary relief and the nonmonetary provisions are fair, reasonable, and adequate.” This Activision Blizzard sexual harassment deals with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission lawsuit.

The company is dealing with the fallout of a history of harassment, sexism, misogyny, and mistreatment of its workers.

“We are pleased that the Court recognizes our agreement with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is fair, adequate, and in the public interest,” Activision Blizzard told The Washington Post. “Our goal has always been to provide immediate and meaningful compensation to eligible employees who choose to participate and to continue workplace improvements that make Activision Blizzard a model for our industry.”

This particular settlement in the Activision Blizzard sexual harassment lawsuits puts into question the status of the Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) case against the publisher/developer.

“The DFEH will continue to vigorously prosecute its action against Activision in California state court,” DFEH spokesperson Fahizah Alim stated. “In recent weeks, DFEH defeated Activision’s request that the Court dismisses DFEH’s case, and DFEH has sought documents and other evidence of sexual harassment, discrimination and retaliation violations over many years by Activision. The Court has set a trial date in February 2023.”

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