Adopt Me: How Much Is a Brown Bear Worth

The Brown Bear is a Rare Adopt Me pet that was available for hatching for a limited period of time. You can’t hatch a Brown Bear inside the game anymore and the only way of obtaining one is through trading. Having said that, do you know how much is a Brown Bear worth in Adopt Me? If you don’t, then you’ve come to the right place. Let’s find out what you can get and what you will have to offer in order to get or give a Brown Bear in Adopt Me.

What Is a Brown Bear Worth in Adopt Me?

As we mentioned, the Brown Bear is a Rare Adopt Me pet that was introduced to the game for only a limited period of time in 2019. Even though it was limited, its chances of getting hatched were pretty high. You had a 37% chance of hatching a Brown Bear from the Jungle Egg, which only costs 750 Bucks.

Because of this, there is a staggering amount of Brown Bears roaming around Adopt Me. Naturally, this renders their demand very low and significantly reduces their value. However, Brown Bears still aren’t worthless and you still need the right knowledge in order not to get ripped off.

So, how much is a Brown Bear Worth in Adopt Me? Well, to put it shortly, a fair trade with a Brown Bear would include at least one of the following items: a Golden Dragon, a Kitsune, a Witches Wand, a Golden Rat, a Neon Panda, and a list of similar pets and items.

Just remember, a Brown Bear is only worth one of these items, not all of them together. Because there is such low demand for the Brown Bear, a great deal of both pets, items, and vehicles can be traded for it.

Will the Brown Bear’s value go up or down in the near future?

We can’t say for sure. However, given that there isn’t a way to get more new Brown Bears and it is slowly becoming rarer and rarer, there are good chances that it will be worth more in the future. Let’s not forget the fact that older pets in Adopt Me increase in value as more time passes.

So, what have we learned about the value of the Brown Bear in Adopt Me? Remember that the demand for this pet is very low but its worth still isn’t as insignificant as it seems. You can easily get a Golden Rat, Neon Panda, or a Golden Dragon for it. Just remember, it will be much easier to give away one than it will be to find a buyer for it.

Written by Borut Udovic

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