Adopt Me: How Much Is a Parrot Worth?

As an Adopt Me player, it’s extremely important to know the value of your pets, items, and vehicles before you hop into a trade. Trading is a crucial part of the Adopt Me gameplay and it can either make or break your performance. So, as a result, we’re here to help you learn the value of your pets and items inside the game.

This time, in particular, we will focus on discovering how much is a Parrot worth in Adopt Me. Stick around to find out what you can bet to get a Parrot and what you can request to give out yours.

What Is a Parrot Worth in Adopt Me?

All subjectiveness aside, there are certain rules and trends that all Adopt Me players must follow when it comes to trading. The Parrot is a gorgeous Adopt Me pet of Legendary status.

It was a limited pet that was initially available inside the Jungle Egg. Today, the only way to obtain a Parrot in Adopt Me is through trading or opening any remaining Jungle Eggs from back when it was available. Even then, the average chance of getting a Parrot is no more than 3%.

So, given that the Parrot is a legendary pet that has become extremely rare and largely in demand, it’s only natural that it would be worth quite a lot. In other words, a legendary Parrot in Adopt Me is worth no less than a Legendary Own or two Evil Unicorns.

There are also a few other pets that can be exchanged for a Legendary Parrot in Adopt Me. This includes a Mega Neon Dragon, a Mega Neon Cerberus, a Mega Neon Griffin, and a few more.

Obtaining a Neon or Mega Neon Parrot would be even harder but definitely worth it. You may be expected to trade better pets for these versions of the Parrot. However, the Neon version of the Parrot includes glowing wings and the Mega Neon versions can even change colors and different glow patterns.

It’s important to remember that not every player will feel the same whenever they are trying to get their hands on a Parrot in Adopt Me. For example, some collectors may be desperate and will give you even better and higher value pets in exchange for a Parrot.

Others won’t appreciate its value and will offer much cheaper alternatives. It’s important to remember the values we discussed here and to be patient until you receive the best possible offer.

Written by Borut Udovic

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