AE Mysteries Legend Of The Time Stones: Chapter 6 Walkthrough

Adventure Escape Mysteries is a series of escape games that are filled with mind-boggling puzzles and critically acclaimed stories that are enjoyed by the players. Chapter 6 will involve helping Aila find out more about Ollie and head to the Zuriel’s temple.

Many of the puzzles will involve you using your time powers such as performing actions in the past to affect the conditions in the future. Here is a guide for Chapter 6 of AE Mysteries Legend Of The Time Stones.

Chapter 6 Walkthrough – AE Mysteries Legend Of The Time Stones

You will start the level with a message from Luna stating to go to the past to see her.

Before you do that, you can travel to the future and see a locked chest. It requires some sort of code. Grab the nearby sundial and travel back to the past.

Using the sundial, you can record the times in the past, present and future. That will be the code that you need for the locked chest.

After speaking with Luna in the past, you can inspect the gems at the top of the tower. Press the right arrow of your compass to make the last gem light up and receive a Golden Pickaxe. Going back to the future, you can unlock the chest with the code “615-130-745”. You will find a Golden Saw inside the chest.

You can now use the Golden Pickaxe on the rubble to your left and acquire the Star Shard. Another Star Shard can be found on the statue’s eye socket at the top of the tower. Travel back to the present and use the Golden Saw on the long vine on the beach. This will give you a pathway to reach the third Star Shard in the future.

Now that you have all three shards you can place them in the large circular puzzle. The goal is to place all shards in their correctly colored areas. This will open up a portal to the Ocean Floor.

Down here, you will meet Zuriel who will tell you more about Ollie. You can use your compass on the stone monument to travel back to time on certain parts of the screen.  Use it on the stone sigil on the left to see the past and grab a brush.

You can use this on the sand dune to the right to uncover another sigil on the floor. Use this to travel to the past and obtain a net. You can use this net in the nearby pool of water to obtain Fish Eggs.

You can place these in the past. Travel to the present and the fish will have grown up and you can catch them with the net.

Travel back to the past with the sigil on the left and the large water dragon will be alive. You can feed him the fish in exchange for a pearl. You will need 4 pearls to progress,

Click on the upper right of the screen to go to Zuriel’s temple. To finish the level, you will have to power all four pillars.

In this area, you can find a wrench and decoding note next to a dead person. Using this note, you can go back to the shipwreck in the previous area and open the chest that contains a Sword. Use the wrench on the “Z” sign and place it on the pillar to the left. This will reward you with a floor piece. This can be placed on the floor where you found the wrench.

Use the sigil on the left to travel to the past. You can claim the second pearl from a clam there. Then use the sigil to travel to the present, use the Sword on the thick seaweed to find another clam with a pearl.

For the last pearl, you will have to cut the seaweed next to the deceased body. You will find a baby clam. Place it in the past and then travel to the future for it to give you the fourth and final pearl.

Place the pearls on the pillar to the right to start a puzzle. Simply follow the pattern in the picture above. The pillar will award you with another puzzle piece you can place on the floor.

Doing so powers up the pillar to the back left. Solve the quick puzzle there to power the last pillar at the back right.

Similar to the previous pillar puzzle, all you have to do is guide the spark to the green node.

Powering this last pillar will open Zuriel’s temple door and finally finish the level!

Written by Borut Udovic

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