AE Mysteries Legend Of The Time Stones: Chapter 7 Walkthrough

Adventure Escape Mysteries is a series of escape games that are filled with mind-boggling puzzles and critically acclaimed stories that are enjoyed by the players. Chapter 7 will involve Aila going through the Temple of Steel to find the origin of Ollie’s corruption.

A majority of this chapter will involve moving rooms around and returning Robot Parts to their respective places. Here is a guide for Chapter 7 of AE Mysteries Legend Of The Time Stones.

Chapter 7 Walkthrough – AE Mysteries Legend Of The Time Stones

Use your time powers on the sigil to open the door to the left. Inside you will find a journal with a key. It can be used on a drawer at the bottom to obtain a wheel crank. You can also grab a paper and pencil from the desk.

You can place this crank on the steam pipe to the right and engage with the door puzzle next to it. The sequence for this door can be found in the desk where you obtain the journal.

This next area will be composed of rooms that change when you adjust the puzzle in the middle.

You can set it to the configuration in the picture above. Proceed through the following rooms and you will see a panel similar to the puzzle from before.

Use your pencil and paper to draw a copy of it. Return to the panel and use this pattern on it.

This will uncover a lever behind the wall in the room to the right. This will bring a ball back to the main room to power the exit.

This next section is mostly involved with finding various Robot Parts and returning them to their proper places.

Head into the triangle room and use your powers on the sigil to open the compartment and receive the Robot Arm. You can return to the main room and attach this arm to the robot.

This will uncover an Orange Key that you can use on a chest in the Diamond room.

This chest will contain a Robot Leg. You can also use your powers on the sigil here to get a Silver Key. This key can be used on a chest in the very first room to obtain a Machine Component. Another Machine Component can be found in the Star Room by using your powers on another sigil.

Now head into the Circle Room to place the Robot Leg on the robot there and obtain the Green Key. Return back to the Triangle Room to use the key on the chest and obtain the Robot Head. Place this robot head on the Robot in the Diamond Room to obtain the Pink Key.

Use the Pink Key to open the chest in the Star Room to get the Bolt Emblem.

Configure the rooms one last time in the pattern shown in the photo above.

Head to the left room to place the Bolt Emblem on the wall and pull the lever. This will finally move the second ball into the main room to power one more puzzle.

You can place the three Machine Components on the puzzle. All you have to do is guide their colored lasers to their correctly colored gem. You can do this by rotating the triangles on the board to redirect the lasers. This will finally open the path onwards.

You will encounter Zuriel again and he will unleash Fero, the God of Steel. There will be symbols shown on his body. To fight him, you will have to click these same symbols when they appear on the screens to the left and right. You will have to do this for three rounds.

Once you defeat Fero, Zuriel will talk about Ollie and provide some back story. The level ends after that cutscene!

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