Age Of Empires 4 | How to DESTROY the Mongol Town Center Drop in the Dark Age

The Mongols are one of the most unique and difficult civilizations in Age of Empires 4 due to their units, and attack structures.

For example, they don’t build houses, their priority in the first moment is to attack their opponent which makes Mongols a really aggressive civilization to confront.

But in a certain way, we need to know several strategies to resist the Mongols attacks before we win whatever round we are playing.

And here’s where we are going to learn how to confront and destroy one of the most important buildings of the Mongols: The Town Center.

How to Destroy Mongol Town Center Drop

One of the main things that you have to know is that we have to concentrate on defending and making use of our TC Dropper. He is going to be in charge of all the Town Center destruction and then our victory.

From the very beginning, we have to counter all the sieges made by the Mongols, which can sometimes be extremely difficult to stop.

The barracks can be very useful to defend your own town meanwhile the Mongols try to start the siege. In addition to buying some spearmen as soon as you can while you make some Towers to improve the defense line.

At the moment, your Mongol opponent may not have villagers or huge buildings because they are probably trying to break your defense at the same time your villagers are upgrading the economy.

This is when you have the perfect opportunity to attack and destroy the Mongol town center with all you have at that moment.

This happens because the Mongol civilizations are usually the most aggressive and they are mainly focused on the sieging more than the defense.

Destroy Mongol Town in Age Of Empires 4 – Video

It can be pretty difficult, but this is one of the best strategies to win.

Written by Borut Udovic

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