All 11 Iron Hammer Mine Mokoko Seed Locations Lost Ark

Iron Hammer Mine is a big area located in the Yorn continent. It’s a large area, meaning that there are a lot of seeds. There are 11 Mokoko Seeds in this area that you will need to discover. Most players find it difficult to obtain all 11 seeds, as they are well hidden and need some specific songs or items to unlock locations or for seeds to just appear. But no worries at all!

NOTE: You will need 300 Wisdom, Coolkur Beer, the “Romantic Weapon” and “Song of Resonance” songs in order to collect all 11 seeds in this area.

This guide will show you all the Iron Hammer Mine Mokoko Seed Locations in Lost Ark.

Iron Hammer Mine All Mokoko Seeds – Lost Ark

Location 1 (Mokoko Seed 1)

The first location of the Mokoko seed is located right next to the Hall of Promise, its simple to get the Mokoko seed because it’s just sitting next to some crystals.

Location 2 (Mokoko Seed 2)

In the second location, you need to enter a hidden room where you will see the Mokoko seed placed on the floor. The location is located between the Automatic Workshop and the Hall of Promise. In the middle of the pathway.

Location 3 (Mokoko Seed 3)

The third location is simple. Go north at the Automatic Workshop and the Mokoko seed can be found and collected which is hiding behind a wall.

Location 4 (Mokoko Seed 4)

The fourth location can be found south of the Automatic Workshop, right next to your teleport, in order to open this passage, you will need to drink Coolkur Beer.

Location 5 (Mokoko Seed 5)

The fifth Location of the Mokoko Seed is located just below the Automatic Workshop, a bit west of the try port teleportation. You will need to climb down a wall and follow the path. Once you are done with that you will be able to see and collect the fifth Mokoko Seed.

Location 6 (Mokoko Seed 6)

The sixth location can be found on the north side of the map, between the Black Anvil Mine portal and the Automatic Workshop. Here you will find a barrel that needs to be moved using the “Romantic Song”. Once the barrel is moved, you can locate and collect the Mokoko Seed.

Location 7 (Mokoko Seed 7)

In this location, you will need to use the “Song of Resonance”. This song will move a statue that will lead you to a different zone where you can locate and find the seventh Mokoko Seed. The statue is located right next to the tri port teleport, north from the Iron Hammer Mine Entrance.

Location 8 (Mokoko Seed 8)

This location is right on the other side of the seventh location. You will need to go through a closed wooden gate, where you will locate and collect the eighth Mokoko Seed.

Location 9 (Mokoko Seed 9)

This Mokoko seed location is located on the southern end of the map. You will need to use the “Romantic Weapon” song in order to move the big barrel and collect your Mokoko Seed.

Location 10 (Mokoko Seed 10)

For the tenth location, you will need to go around the middle of the map where you will find the Wandering Merchant named Laitir. From there enter his little area and you will see the Mokoko seed on the ground.

Location 11 (Mokoko Seed 11)

The last location for the last Mokoko Seed will be located west of the Radiant Gold Mine. You will see a dwarf saying “Why don’t you expand your wisdom? Then you might be able to see what’s hidden”. This means that you need 300 wisdom to unlock this area and collect your last seed.

Written by Borut Udovic

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