All 4 Legendary Hoard Treasure Map Location & Rewards – Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Dawn of Ragnarok

The new DLC in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla has brought the community new interesting items. The 4 Legendary Hoard Treasure Maps are one of them. These maps hold can guide you to great treasures and can be unlocked by listening to some stories from Tove, Gunnar, Alvis, and Randvi. These maps are well hidden. This guide will help you locate all 4 Legendary Hoard Treasures in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

Legendary Hoard Treasure Map Location & Rewards

To start this quest you will need to listen to four stories from four Ravensthorpe inhabitants. All you will need to do is to exit the dream world and go into Ravensthorpe. When you arrive there, you will automatically get a quest called Legendary Hoard.

This is the part where you will want to run to the fire in Ravensthorpe and listen to the stories. Upon listening to all the stories, you will receive a treasure map from the NPC’s that you have listened to in your imagery.

Map of Tove’s Tale

Starting with Tove’s Legendary Hoard Map, this map is more difficult compared to the others.

This treasure is located south of Vanginn. You will need a boat for this location because the legendary treasure map reward is located on a small snake island off the coast.

Once you reach the island you will need to kill some snakes. Once everything is clear, you will need to make your way to the only tree on the island where you can locate some damaged boxes and interact with them.

From this location, you will be rewarded 1500 Leather.

Map of Gunnar’s Tale

This treasure is located south of Gullnamar. Right below the palace, a water stream can be located and you will be needed to follow the road that leads towards the Gnal Thorp village.

You will be on the lookout for a large oak tree, as shown on the map. Once you have located the correct tree you will notice some candles on a rock. There you will be able to interact with the candles and receive your rewards.

For locating this treasure you will be rewarded 10 Nickel Ingot.

Map of Alvis’ Tale

The third treasure will be located north in Svaladal. You will need to go towards the Midalstifla dam.

This is a big area to cover. The exact location for the treasure is one platform below the top of the dam.

Once you have reached this area you will want to go to the waterfall in the middle of the dam, there you can locate some rocks that you can interact with and receive 1000 Iron Ore.

Map of Randvi’s Tale

The final treasure from Randvi’s Treasure tale can be located in Vangrinn. The exact location for this treasure is in the top left corner of the map on a small island surrounded by a lake.

Once you’ve reached the island, go to the northeast side of the island where an abandoned camp can be located.

Run up to the middle of the camp and move over to the red cloth on the ground. There you will be able to interact with the rocks and pick up the treasure.

For collecting this treasure, you will be rewarded 250 Titanium.

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