All 6 Luxurious Chests in the Three Realms Gateway Offering: Genshin Impact

On the Three Realms Gateway, there are 6 Luxurious Chests that you can open and receive rare loot from. It will be needed to finish a number of tasks and puzzles in order to unlock these chests. Some are simpler than others, but it’s all worth it because that loot will come in handy in the future for better builds and simplifying the way the game is being played.

This guide will show you all 6 Luxurious Chests in the Three Realms Gateway Offering in Genshin Impact.

Luxurious Chests in the Three Realms Gateway Offering – Genshin Impact

1.Elemental Monument Luxurious Chest Puzzle

In this first puzzle, you will notice a purple energy light flying over a set of purple pillars. The Purple Energy Light will stop for a quick moment on top of a purple pillar just to give you a sign that this is the right pillar to shoot. Once all the purple pillars are shot and activated, a series of monsters will ascend from the ground that you will be needed to kill in order to unlock your chest.

2. Locked Gate Mechanism Luxurious Chest Puzzle

In this area, you will see three locked purple pillars that you first need to unlock. The pillars are unlocked by going close to them and activating the boxes around them, so monsters spawn and you kill them. When all the monsters are killed, the pillars will unlock and will need to be shot with your purple arrows in order to activate them.

Upon activation, you will notice that nothing changes… The reason is that there is one more puzzle left for you to do. You need to go behind the gate and climb the field. You will see a blue light ball waiting for you. It will guide you to the next puzzle/challenge, which is shooting 5 Explosive Barrels within 60 Seconds.

Once you have completed the challenge, the last purple pillar will be unlocked and be able to get activated. Activating the last pillar will let you start your last challenge, which is opening up the gate and defeating the giant construct. When the giant is defeated, behind him will be 3 unlocked chests, two of them will be Precious chests and one will be Luxurious.

3.Seelie Barrier Luxurious Chest

At this location you will find another Puzzle, containing a Luxurious chest. At this location firstly there will be a red sword floating above a rock. What is interesting here is that a red sword is a challenge that you must do in order to get your Luxurious chest. To start everything off, firstly locate the trapped blue light ball where you must free.

Then the light ball will guide you through a series of cliffs and portals where you must climb. Once all the following is done, the barrier will be removed and you shall be able to start your challenge. The challenge contains waves of monsters that you need to kill in a certain amount of time. When the challenge is completed, the Luxurious chest will be spawned and you can loot from it!

4.Seelie Luxurious Chest

This Luxurious Chest Location is similar to the Seelie Barrier Luxurious chest. There will be a challenge where you need to finish in order for the chest to spawn and you loot it. In order to remove the barrier, firstly you will need to locate the trapped blue light ball and follow it.

It will take you through some obstacles and monsters will spawn on the way where you are needed to kill them. Once all of that is done, the barrier will disappear and you can start the challenge. The challenge is the same as the previous location, a wave of mobs will come and you must kill them in a certain amount of time. When the challenge is completed, the Luxurious chest will be spawned and you can loot from it!

5.Seelie Barrier Luxurious Chest

This location is rather simple to figure out and get your Luxurious Chest. All you need to do is go to the requested location on the map, once you get there, a challenge surrounded by a barrier can be seen. That means another puzzle is awaiting you.

The blue light ball is here to help, all that needs to be done here is to follow the blue light ball until the barrier disappears and you can start the challenge. It’s the same as the other challenges, kill the waves of mobs in a certain amount of time and loot your chest!

6.The Bunkoku Enigma World Quest Luxurious Chest

This last location for a Luxurious Chest can be found in the Center of the Three Realms and you will need to start a quest at the NPC called Yabe. He will give you a quest named The Bunkoku Enigma. Follow the quest and halfway there you will enter a room with a portal where a boss is needed to be killed, and the Luxurious chest will appear.

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