All 7 Wonderful Brewery Mokoko Seed Locations Lost Ark

Wonderful Brewery is an interesting dungeon in which you need to break objects such as barrels to get your Mokoko Seeds. Everything that is breakable I recommend breaking in order to collect your desired needs.

There are a total of 7 seeds hidden inside this dungeon. Most players find it difficult to locate these seeds, as some of them are hidden inside objects. No worries!

This guide will help you find all the Mokoko Seeds in Wonderful Brewery in Lost Ark

Wonderful Brewery All Mokoko Seeds – Lost Ark

This dungeon is specific due to the fact that it has breakable barrels. These barrels hide Mokoko seeds inside them where you will be needed to break in order to locate and collect them!

The first location is right in the first room where you will meet Indar. You will drink some Wonderful Liquor with him and get tipsy.

Then you will need to go to a bigger room with some barrels placed. Destroy the barrels and kill all the chickens that were inside there in order for your hidden room to be unlocked.

Once the yellow arrow has shown up, jump down to the hidden Liquor storage area, and continue going east. You will then notice the two Mokoko seeds placed on the floor.

The second location for the third Mokoko seed is located on a balcony which is hidden by a red curtain and a mob will be hiding there. Simply kill the mob and loot the Mokoko seed from the ground!
The mob that you will kill is a Hangover Imp, you will need to kill all 3 imps in order to unlock Mokoko seed 5 and 6.

This location is only for you to kill the second imp which will be standing in front of the red curtain. Kill all three to unlock Mokoko seed 5-6.

This is a hidden wall location, where you are needed to walk through a wall in order to get to the Mokoko Seed. Firstly there will be 3 wheels that need to be turned in the room. After that just walk through and collect your seed. The entrance in the room is where the red arrow is pointed.

If you cannot enter this area, that means that you need to head back and destroy all the remaining breakable barrels in the dungeon. Here you will find the last Hangover Imp and it will unlock the last Mokoko seeds.

You must go through the Ventilation Passage for these two Mokoko Seeds. Once you enter the big room filled with Covetous Legion Demons, make a quick left turn and hug the wall. A black passage will appear out of nowhere on the wall and will allow you to go through. That is the location to the fifth and sixth Mokoko seed.

This location is interesting. You will need to destroy every single remaining breakable barrel in order for the yellow pointing arrows to appear in front of the web string. Once you have broken all the barrels, the yellow arrows will show up on the ground, allowing you access to the last Mokoko Seed.

Written by Borut Udovic

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