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All Monarch Studios Lockbox Keys in Dead Island 2

Dead Island 2
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Dead Island 2 comes with a weak story yet dopamine-inducing gameplay, but where it packs a punch is the weapons department. You can find loads of blueprints, mods, and weapons to keep your zombie-killing fun going. But the game doesn’t make it all that easy to get your hands on these weapons.

You’ll have to go through the rounds before finding all the keys and lockboxes in Dead Island 2. So, for now, let’s settle on how to get all the Monarch Studios Lockbox keys and their location in the game.

Here are all the Monarch Studios lockbox keys and their location:

Zombie Zombie Type Location Key Lockbox Location Weapons
Monarch Security Walker Trailer outside Stage 07 Security Guard’s Cooler Key Security Guard Quarters outside Monarch Studios Entrance Rare Damaging Police Baton
Space Fox Prop Master Spiky Runner Stage 04 Dead End Space Fox 2250 Prop Key Near Stage 01 Vampiric Machine Pistol
Kelli Jo Longeteig Screamer Near Stage 03 Entrance Kelli Jo Suitcase Key Trailer near Stage 06 Agile Officer’s Sword

All Monarch Studios Lockbox Keys Locations

Different zombies wield all lockbox keys; unfortunately, some don’t spawn until you progress through the main story.

If these zombies aren’t spawning in Monarch Studios, it’s best to finish the main story and return to Monarch Studios.

Lockbox Key 1 – Kelli Jo’s Suitcase Key

Kelli Jo's Suitcase Key
Credit: Kelli Jo Suitcase Location – Game Guides Channel

To find Kelli Jo’s Suitcase key, you’ll have to make your way to the entrance of Stage 03 in Monarch Studios. Unfortunately, the entrance is swarmed with zombies, so take them out from a distance or get right in their faces with a melee weapon. While doing so, you’ll come across a Screamer named Kelli Jo Longeteig. Take it out, and it’ll drop the Kelli Jo Suitcase key.

After it’s all said and done, make your way into Stage 03 and take a quick turn without engaging with any of the zombies in the area. You’ll exit Stage 03 via a green-screen-covered exit. Head straight into the alleyway where a trailer is parked near Stage 06. Defeat the zombie in the trailer, and you’ll find Kelli Jo’s blue suitcase near a bloody sink. Unlock the suitcase to obtain the Agile Officer’s Sword.

Agile Officer's Sword
Credit: Agile Officer’s Sword – ZafrostPet Youtube

Lockbox Key 2 – Space Fox 2250 Prop Key

Space Fox 2250 Prop Key
Credit: Space Fox Prop Box Location – Game Guides Channel

This is the most accessible key to find. You’ll find yourself outside Stage 01 to find a huge Space Fox 2250 Prop Pelican Case. Simply head right from this point and make your way near Stage 04.

This place is swarming with walkers and other zombie types. At the end of this narrow path, there’s a dead end where you’ll find the Space Fox Prop Master. Kill him to find the key to this lockbox. Here, you’ll obtain the Vampiric Machine Pistol.

Vampire Machine Pistol
Credit: Vampiric Machine Pistol – ZafrostPet YouTube

Lockbox Key 3 – Security Guard’s Cooler Key

Security Guard's Cooler Key
Credit: Security Guard’s Cooler Location – Game Guides Channel

You’ll first come across the Security Guard’s Cooler lockbox near the entrance of Monarch Studios. Go straight via Limelight Lain and enter the Security Guard’s quarters to find the lockbox.

To find the Security Guard’s Cooler Key, you should make your way through the entrance and cross the Meet-Cute corner to the entrance of Stage 07. Near the entrance, there’s a trailer where you’ll find the Monarch Security guard wandering the area. 

Damaging Police Baton
Credit: Damaging Police Baton – ZafrostPet YouTube

Kill him to obtain the Security Guard’s cooler key. Then, head back to the Security Guard’s quarters at the entrance, and destroy the fuse box to access the Security Guard’s cooler. Here, you’ll obtain the Damaging Police Baton.


And that’s pretty much it for all the Monarch Studios Lockbox keys and their location in Dead Island 2. However, you can get your hands on some pretty rare weapons here, like the Vampiric Machine Pistol, the Rare Damaging Police Baton, and the Agile Officer’s Sword.

Written by Saad Muzaffar

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