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All Spellbreak Stone Combos Explained

Stone Combos

The new battle royale Spellbreak has been termed the “Avatar: The Last Airbender” of the genre. And for good reason, because in Spellbreak you can control any element you want with the help of elemental gauntlets. In this guide, we are going to focus on Stone combos, which are some of the heaviest and explosive attacks in the game… at the cost of speed and air usability. That doesn’t make them weak though! Check out this guide to see where each Stone combo is most useful.

All Stone Combos in Spellbreak

Stone’s two attacks – Shockwave and Boulderfall – can combo with 4-5 attacks each. Since Shockwave and Boulderfall each gain three combos, we have six new attacks! The names and effects of all five new Stone combos in Spellbreak are listed and described below:

  • Shockwave + Ice Puddles/Blocks: Shockwave destroys ice puddles and blocks, creating a damaging ice mist.
  • Shockwave + Flamewall/Flame Puddles: Shockwave lights on fire when in contact with flamewall or flame puddles. This causes Shockwave to drag flame puddles along the faultline.
  • Shockwave + Lightning Storm: Shockwave also lights on fire when sent through a lightning storm.
  • Boulderfall + Ice Bolt/Flash Freeze: The Boulder becomes an iceberg, dealing increased damage and leaving a damaging ice mist on landing.
  • Boulderfall + Fireball: Boulders hit by Fireballs are meteors. This causes them to leave a huge flame puddle upon impact and deal increased damage.
  • Boulderfall + Wind Shear: Wind Shear can slow or speed up the boulder, which allows you to speed up the boulder’s speed. Alternatively, you can reduce its speed and cause it to miss.

Because of its tough nature, Stone is one of the best at disrupting spells. However, disrupting magic isn’t a combo, so we’re leaving it off the list of Stone combos in Spellbreak.

Those are all the Spellbreak combos! If you’re loving the battle royale game, check out our review of Spellbreak and our article on if the game starts you off in bot games to make you feel like a pro! Oh, and be sure to check this article out again if Proletariat, Inc drops any new Stone spells!

Written by Andrew Smith