Among Us VR Launches Holiday 2022: Everyone Is Sus

Get ready to feel the betrayal and ruin friendships! Among Us VR was finally given a proper gameplay trailer today after being teased at The Game Awards last year. Later this year, it is coming to ​​Meta Quest 2, Rift and S, Steam VR, and PlayStation VR. 

Innersloth will move the popular online, multiplayer social deduction game into a 3D world that will be played from the first person. Expect to become completely suspect of everyone around you as you point a finger to choose who you think is sus. The trailer features erratic crew members waving their tiny hands as people point to whomever they believe is sus. It looks like VR will add even more personality, tension, and even fear to the world of Among Us. 

Players will experience much of the same game in the game but from a completely different vantage point. Unlike the top-down version, you won’t be able to see behind or beside you as you complete tasks, so you’ll need to be super aware of your surroundings.

As the Impostor, you’ll be able to hide in vents and peer down at crewmates and plot their demise. It looks like the game’s signature death scenes will remain. The trailer shows a dead crewmate with that signature bone sticking out of their dismembered torso.

Among Us initially came on the scene in 2018. While it initially didn’t take off due to a lack of marketing, the game eventually found its footing in 2020. Its popularity surged thanks to being streamed by popular Twitch streamers. Inner Sloth even teased a sequel that was ultimately canceled. They decided to instead focus on adding that content into the base game.

Except to kill or be killed this holiday season when Among Us VR launches.

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Written by Casey David Muir-Taylor

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