Animal Crossing New Horizons Ghost | Where to find Wisp, rewards

Animal Crossing New Horizons Ghost

If you’ve been wandering around at night in Animal Crossing New Horizons, you might have noticed a little ghost named Wisp. The mysterious New Horizons ghost seems to have lost the five pieces to its spirit and needs help finding them. If you’re able to track them down, you’ll be given a nice reward. 

Animal Crossing New Horizons Ghost | Where to Find Wisp’s Five Spirits

Animal Crossing New Horizons Ghost

If you’re wanting to help out Wisp, you’ll find the Animal Crossing New Horizons ghost spirit pieces randomly scattered about your island. Further, the pieces you need to collect are constantly moving around and will need to be captured with a net. 

If you don’t have a net yet, you can craft one with five tree branches once you’ve unlocked the DIY workshop. Alternatively, you can buy a net in the shop for 400 Bells. 

Back to the five spirit pieces, simply search around the island until you’ve gathered all five and then return to Wisp. The little spirit will be thrilled and will offer you a reward as a thank you for your help. If you’d like to help Wisp again, you can always find the glowing ghost by walking around the island at night. 

Animal Crossing New Horizon Wisp’s Rewards | Something New, Something Expensive

Once you’ve tracked down the five spirit pieces for Wisp, you’ll be able to choose a reward: Something New or Something Expensive. Both of these rewards seem to offer players various types of decorative items, outfits, or furniture.

“Something New” will likely be a fun, odd item while “Something Expensive” is more likely to be a fancy, decorative piece. Thankfully, you’ll be able to visit Wisp as often as you’d like, so you’ll be able to get a bunch of different rewards if you ever feel like helping out the friendly ghost again.

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