Are All Weapons Breakable in Breath of the Wild?

Are All Weapons Breakable in Breath of the Wild

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a fantastic action-adventure open-world game created by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch. It was released in 2017, but it still remains one of the best Nintendo Switch games to this day.

You play as Link and explore a beautiful open-world map. Breath of the Wild or BOTW has some great RPG elements such as crafting, exploration, houses, horses, and many others. It’s the first Legend of Zelda game at this scale, and it did not disappoint.

Early on, you might find that most of the weapons you get in the game can break. This is true for most weapons aside from a select few that don’t exactly “break.” But, to quickly answer the question, not all weapons are breakable in Breath of the Wild. A majority of them are breakable, but not all of them.

What Weapons Are Unbreakable in Breath of the Wild?

Different weapons in Breath of the Wild

There are currently four weapons in the game that don’t “break” in the traditional sense. In Breath of the Wild, once a weapon breaks, you can no longer use it, and you lose it from your inventory. Some of these four weapons technically “break,” but you can get them again, so they aren’t completely lost or broken.

The “unbreakable” weapons include the Lightscale Trident, Ceremonial Trident, Hylian Shield, and Master Sword.

First, let’s talk about the Hylian Shield. The Hylian Shield can actually break. However, it does take a very long time before it breaks. You might remember that you can get the Hylian Shield in Hyrule Castle after defeating Stalnox. If you break the shield after getting it from the castle, you can’t find it there anymore.

Instead, you’ll have to buy the Hylian Shield from Granté in Tarrey Town. But, before you can see him, you’ll need to have finished the “From the Ground Up” side quest. Make sure to do that first, before trying to find Granté.

Next, we have the two tridents, the Ceremonial Trident, and the Lightscale Trident. These two tridents can be broken, lost, or dropped. But, you can just always ask Dento in Zora’s Domain to create a new one for you. So the tridents aren’t totally lost if you break them.

Make sure to bring a Zora Spear and five pieces of flint if you want Dento to forge a Ceremonial Trident. On the other hand, bring a Zora Spear, five pieces of flint, and a diamond if you need him to forge a Lightscale Trident.

Finally, we have the Master Sword. The Master Sword runs out of power and can become unusable. However, you can re-use it again after a few minutes, so it doesn’t technically “break.”

Aside from the weapons mentioned above, everything else breaks. Once a weapon breaks, you can no longer use it nor see it again. We finally know that now all weapons are breakable in Breath of the Wild.

Written by Borut Udovic

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