ARK Fjordur: Ferox Cave Location

ARK Survival Saga comes with a new DLC release ARK Fjordur, featuring four new creatures for you to collect, and also contains over 140 square kilometers of new biomes, many rewards and treasures to explore, and amazing new challenges. With a new map comes a bunch of new locations where are hidden amazing rewards and collectibles. One of the caves that many players were looking for is the Ferox Cave.

In this guide, we will show you the Forex Cave Location in ARK Fjordur!

ARK Fjordur: Ferox Cave Location

The exact location where you can find the Ferox Cave is on the upper left corner of the map, or exactly at the coordinates LAT: 22, LOG: 3.

This is the location with the snow, where is standing the big rock mountain.

Once you come to the snow mountain, the entrance is in the middle of the mountain at the coordinates LAT: 20.6, LOG: 8.5

Once you enter the cave you will find Ferox and Polar Bears. Also, there are some wolfs that might chase you.

In the middle of the cave have a lake where you can go fishing.

Written by Borut Udovic

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