ARK Fjordur: Giganotosaurus Spawn Locations

ARK Fjordur has recently come out publicly to the community. In this DLC, you can find a ton of new items, and creatures and even explore different areas that can be part of missions. Knowing the Giganotosaurus Spawns in this game will help you obtain more resources and become stronger as you progress through it.

This guide will show you some Giganotosaurus Spawn Locations in ARK Fjordur.

ARK Fjordur: Giganotosaurus Spawn Locations

Location 1

The first location for the first Giganotosaurus can be found in the Fjordur map on the southeast border of the map. The exact coordinates for it are:

  • Latitude = 81.4
  • Longitude = 79.0

Look around this area and you will the Giganotosaurus roaming around the area.

Location 2

This next location is just north from the previous one. Go past the river on the east side and get to the following coordination:

  • Latitude = 47.4
  • Longitude = 91.0

Roam around this area and you may eventually look notice around 2 Giganotosaurus and other monsters as well, be careful!

Location 3

The final location for the Giganotosaurus spawns can be found on the north side of the map just near two mountains. The following latitude and longitude for this spawn are:

  • Latitude = 18.3
  • Longitude = 68.4

Written by Borut Udovic

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