Aspyr Media Is Acquiring Beamdog

Aspyr Media is Acquiring Beamdog
Photo Credit: Aspyr Media

According to a press release, Aspyr Media has entered an agreement to acquire developer Beamdog. Aspyr will be publishing the recently announced MythForce, developed by Beamdog.

Aspyr Media is Acquiring Beamdog
Photo Credit: Aspyr Media

Aspyr Media may best be known for work on several Star Wars titles, including the Knights of the Old Republic port to Nintendo Switch and the upcoming KOTOR remake for PC and PS5.

Developer Beamdog was founded in 2009 by two veterans from BioWare: Trent Oster and Cameron Tofer. They have worked on several ports of games from the BioWare catalog, including MDK2 and Baldur’s Gate.

On Twitter, Aspyr Media said that this “agreement with Beamdog will allow us to collaborate closely on future projects, such as MythForce. Beamdog, though, will operate as an independent studio within Aspyr.

Founded in 1996, Aspyr Media was primarily focused on porting titles from Windows to macOS. Since then, they’ve also become a publisher in addition to a game developer. Since then, they have published over 190 games and were acquired by Embracer Group, formerly known as THQ Nordic, in 2021.

“Beamdog is a tremendously talented group that we’ve admired for a long time. Their development philosophy and studio vision are perfectly aligned with ours. We look forward to seeing them realize their ambition with MythForce while maximizing the long-term potential of an incredible archive of classic games,” said Ted Staloch, CEO of Aspyr Media.

“This acquisition will open up a ton of exciting opportunities for us. Beamdog can now focus our talent, efforts and imagination on building the great games we want to play while properly looking after established fan-favorite RPGs. Beamdog’s first original IP is a fun-filled start to our studio’s next chapter,” said Beamdog CEO Trent Oster.


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