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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Comb Location | Where to Find

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Eivor, like many Vikings, is a hopeless romantic. As you start combing your way through Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla, you might want to swing by Bil in Rygjafylke. This will bring you to the comb sidequest, where Bil is waiting for her multiple suitors to find a comb for her. If you’re looking to join them to find the comb location and get a night with Bil, then we’re here to be your Viking wing-person!

Where to Find the Comb Location in AC Valhalla

In order to find Bil’s comb, you’ll have to join the rest of the suitors in the pool of water just next to her. Eivor is brave, so you’ll dive right into the water. Swim to the bottom, where you’ll just barely see an interact key at the bottom indicating the comb location. If you found the Elk-Antler comb, you’re good to swim back up and hand it back to Bil!

Once you hand it back to her, Bil gives you an offer. You can either join her for a “walk through nature,” or you can just say you were finding her comb out of the goodness of your heart. As your first chance at romance, there’s no real benefit or downside for doing either one. Bil seems like a perfectly reasonable choice for Eivor’s one-and-only, but it might be early to settle down on a specific lady, right? And if you’re worried about Eivor’s gender, you can change gender in the menu.

You don’t actually get a quest or quest rewards for completing this Herculean task. This is simply a side-story that you can do to start getting Eivor some action as you wander the Nordic/English countryside. Choosing Bil as your romantic companion might lock you out of some options in the future, or open up some other options as you progress. It’s all about what dialogue you take!

Thankfully, Bil isn’t too clingy if you want to break ties with her later on. Just be ready to break ties if you find someone who you truly wish to be with when you head to England!

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Written by Andrew Smith