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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Dag Choice | Deny or Give Axe?

Dag Choice

Assassins Creed: Valhalla gives players a lot of choices. Some of these have a major impact on the story like the Dag boss fight mission.  After this boss fight, you will get the two choices: Either give him the axe or deny him of it. But what one to choose?  Well if you keep reading you will soon learn the consequences of both these choices and see which one is best for your playthrough.

Should You Deny or Give Dag His Axe in AC Valhalla?

Dag Choice Give or Deny Axe

You will need to play the majority of the story in order to get to this fight, so if you haven’t spoilers are ahead. At the start of the mission a Brewing Storm you will be awakened by Dag who will challenge you to a fight that you cannot avoid. After you defeat Dag, you will soon get another cutscene which will allow you to make your decision. He will die whatever choose. Basically, you’re deciding if you want to allow him to die and go to Valhalla or not.

Denying Dag His Axe

If you deny Dag his axe at the end of the fight, Eivor will stand up and will kick it away. By making this choice you are denying him of Valhalla. This will leave him to die as he desperately tries to grab onto his axe so he can go to Valhalla. This decision will disappoint Sigurd later one when he finds out.

Giving Dag His Axe

Alternately though, if you do decide to give him his axe back, then the ending will be slightly different. Eivor will place the axe onto his chest allowing him to hold onto it as he dies. As Eivor does this, they will say something that almost sounds like a prayer. Eivor will stand as he dies knowing he will see him again in Valhalla.

After this, Eivor makes a speech to everyone about betrayal. After the cutscene, you will soon see his grave which you can talk to as you share your memories with him.

These are the results of denying or granting Dag his axe. What did you pick? Thanks for reading and while you are here why not take a look at some of our other guides on AC: Valhalla or one of the other we have covered. Here is a sample of what you can find on AC: Valhalla:

Written by Andrew Smith