Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Dawn of Ragnarok: Hreidmar’s Groft Chest Location

The new DLC has introduced the Hreidmar’s Groft Chest piece to the community. It’s a strong armor piece with high stats that can benefit the player in continuing further into the game.

To locate and collect the armor, you will need two main powers. Ice piercing arrows that let you break the ice and the ability to protect yourself from lava and fire.

Hreidmar’s Groft Chest Location – Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Dawn of Ragnarok

The Hreidmar’s Groft Chest is located in the center of Vangrinn. To enter this area you will need to obtain the Power of Jotunhein. The power will allow you to have ice-piercing arrows that are going to help you enter the cave to find the chest.

To obtain this power, simply walk up to the fallen soldier on the ground and you will be able to interact with him. Collect his power and shoot the ice with your bow.

As you descend into the cave you will notice some lava streams and a tight passage. Go through the tight passage and follow the road until you reach a big room that has 2 stone statues and some treasures in the middle.

There you can find the chest for the armor piece. But it will be locked. Your next step will need you to locate the key and collect your loot.

From the middle of the room, you will need to face the area that you have entered and go towards the lava that will be on your right side.

Follow the lava path and you will end up in a room where you need to shoot an ice wall and break it. Once the ice wall is removed, you will enter a room where you can teleport yourself on a higher hill using your bow.

Once you teleport up to the needed location, you will see a key on the ground that you can interact with and collect.

Make your way back towards the locked chest where you can now unlock and open. Inside you will loot the Dwarven Blacksmith Armor.

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