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Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla Grime’s Graves Treasure of Britain Guide

Grime's Graves Treasure of Britain

As you make your way through Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla, you’ll eventually come across the Grime’s Graves Treasure of Britain, located in East Anglia. There are a couple of different pathways within the tunnel system which can be confusing for some players, so we’ve put together a quick guide that will take you straight to the hidden Treasure of Britain.

How to Get the Grime’s Graves Treasure of Britain

It’s actually quite simple to get the Grime’s Graves Treasure of Britain if you know which pathways to follow in the underground cave. To start, open up your map and navigate to the East Anglia area, and then zoom in until you see Grime’s Graves. You’ll see an icon on your map indicating that there is a Treasure of Britain in the area. Head to the icon and it will lead you to a tarp-top shelter.

When you’ve found it, drop down into the caves and you’ll land in a big pile of hay. Hop out and go through the doorway directly in front of you (not the one’s on your left and right). From there, follow the path until you get to a big gap. Jump along the lefthand side and go through the doorway just past the red mat.

Keep going through the cave, jumping over the barriers, and work your way along the ledge on the lefthand side. Jump on top of the poles and onto the ledge, then climb up the ledge. Be aware, when you get to the top there will be a few snakes that you need to kill.

With the snakes dead you’re almost to the Grime’s Graves Treasure of Britain. Next, slide down the rocks and into the water and walk straight until you see a ladder that you can climb up. As a quick note, this is where a boss fight in the Beowulf questline takes place (included in the Season Pass), so if you don’t have that, it may look slightly different. Regardless, make your way to the other side and jump along with the wooden planks and rocky ledge until you reach a skull banner painting on a black tarp.

Duck underneath the tarp and hop along the pathway over the gaps until you reach the other side. Once there, you’ll find a glowing vase sitting on a table. To get the Grime’s Graves Treasure of Britain, destroy the vase and then collect the treasure.

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Written by Andrew Smith