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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla | How to Dual Wield Heavy Weapons

dual wield heavy weapons

A traditional image of Viking culture is the dual-wielding berserker and is a huge part of the pull in Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla. Eivor can wield two weapons early on, but what if you want to dual wield heavy weapons? After all, that seems like something a Viking might do, but Eivor is incapable of doing so right away. Thankfully, there is a method that you can take to get this awesome buff… but you’ll need to grind for it!

How to Dual Wield Heavy Weapons in AC Valhalla

In order to dual wield heavy weapons, you’ll need the “Heavy Dual Wield” skill. To see if you have it, head through the top of the “Melee” weapon tree, towards the left. You will be required to run through the “Adrenaline Upgrade” skill if you want to get there as soon as possible, 22 skill points total. Once you reach the top of the left tree, you’ll encounter the “Heavy Dual Wield” skill. Unlock that perk, and you’ll be able to handle the two-handed weapons of the game in each hand!

Why would you want to dual wield? After all, heavy weapons are slow and take a ton of stamina. Well, dual-wielding these weapons almost nullifies how slow they are! With better attack speed, your damage is going to be absolutely insane! Just make sure you have enough stamina for your flurry of steel to be realistic.

You’ll also gain access to the heavy weapons’ special ability. These abilities (activated with the L1/LB/Q button) will absolutely crush groups of enemies and boss health bars alike.

While dual-wielding, your controls change a bit. Your buttons are as follows:

  • Main Hand Light (R1/RB/Left Click) is a basic attack.
  • Main Hand Heavy (R2/RB/Shift + Left Click) is a heavy swing, perfect for clearing crowds of enemies or staggering sturdier foes.
  • Left Hand Block (Tap L1/LB/Q) is a parry using the off-hand. You’ll need some timing!
  • Left Hand Special (Hold L1/LB/Q) uses the weapon’s special ability, magnified by your main hand’s attack stat. This is where your damage can get ridiculous!

Watch your stamina, however! Wielding two massive weapons does a number on how often you can swing. Make sure to save up enough for a dodge if your enemy has a counterattack!

If you’re looking for good skills… Dual Swap lets you switch your main and off-hand (allowing you to use one special or the other). Rushing Dual Wield gives you high burst damage. Anything with “adrenaline” in the name tends to help as well!

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Written by Andrew Smith