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Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla Maximilian’s Key | How to Get

Maximilian's key

There are tons of difficult mysteries in Assassins Creed: ValhallaThis is especially true when trying to find a key in the A Rivalry for the Ages quest. Specifically, players are wondering how to get Maximilian’s key. Lucky for you, we’ve got a guide that will take you to the key’s location!

How to Get Maximilian’s Key

Maximilian's key AC Valhalla

You can find Maximilian’s key (as well as Maximilian himself) at his home in Lunden near the Amphitheatre’s main entrance. When arriving at his home, you should see Maximilian talking to someone with the key sitting on a table next to them. If you cannot find it, use Odin’s Sight to reveal its location.

In order to obtain this key, you must find a way to distract Maximilian.  After talking to Maximilian, it’s evident he won’t be handing over the key. So you’ll need to take it without him noticing. To do this, run around the building and look for two Norse children found at the corner of the street. Begin to chat with them, as you will need to hire them to distract Maximilian.

Before you can hire them, you’ll need to discuss how you will steal the key from Maximilian. Of course, hiring them won’t be free and you’ll need to pay a fee of 65 Silver coin. After agreeing to hire them, wait and watch Maximilian as the children begin to distract him. The child will walk up to Maximilian and lure him away from his key, this is when you swoop in and swipe it. You may have to wait until Maximilian is around the corner before this is possible though, to ensure he doesn’t notice you.

And that is how to get Maximilian’s key in the A Rivalry for the Ages quest. Now you should be able to get the statue and continue along with the game’s story.

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Written by Andrew Smith