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Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla Predator Bow | How to Get

predator bow

Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla has a lot of weapons, both melee and ranged. You could spend the entire game searching and still not find them all. Thankfully, some of the best weapons in the game can be found rather early on. One of these weapons, the Predator Bow, use Predator Arrows to decimate enemies at range. The Recurve Bow, specifically, is an early game weapon that deals high damage at a long distance. If you’re looking for a weapon that can use your predator arrows, there’s only one real place to check!

How to Get the Predator Bow

In order to get the Predator Bow, you must first raid the Haervik Shipyard in Rygjafylke. This is a large encampment that should be stealthed through to lower your chances of getting swarmed by enemies. The War-Band Chief alone is gonna do loads of damage! After clearing the area, a yellow arrow will lead you to a ladder, which brings you to a room where you can find your Recurve Bow waiting for you.

This raid can be undertaken very early in the game, even before you head to England. You will have to take a ship to get over there. It is marked with the yellow “wealth” symbol on your map. Head there before heading to King Harold and the second half of the introduction to get this fantastic weapon early on.

The Recurve Bow gains a +8 bonus to attack when above 90% health, which is huge. That puts it at a staggering 64 attack without a single upgrade. This can easily domepiece any basic enemy and send midbosses tumbling to the ground. It’s also the easiest way to start using those Predator arrows that you’ve been gathering, as this bow was made to take down big game!

The Recurve Bow is one of two bows that we know for certain are in the game. Both of these weapons have benefits for being near maximum health, and thus are best for starting a fight rather than ending one. The Recurve Bow is a good stealth weapon, but it’s low rate of fire makes it better for picking off a small group of enemies that are running at you before engaging with a larger target.

Written by Andrew Smith