Assemble a Big Mac Via This 10 Year-Old McDonalds Nintendo DS Training Game

Training at a fast-food chain can be a dull and uninspiring process. Japanese branches of Mcdonald’s wanted to change that. So around 2010, the hamburger slinging giant teamed with Nintendo to make training a little more fun for their employees.

The result was a Nintendo DS game that taught workers how to make menu items like Big Macs. For some enterprising gamers, the game became kind of a white whale. It was nearly impossible to obtain since it was proprietary to the fast-food giant.

A long sought after McDonalds/Nintendo training game has finally been revealed
Image Via Coddy Trenuit

Copies of the eSmart 2.0 cartridge had gone up for auction many times over the last decade, but the winners of the auctions had been unwilling to share the game with others online.


Coddy Trenuit, though, was dedicated to getting his hands on a copy and revealing it in all its glory. While the game price came out to a whopping 2,400 euros, Trenuit was able to team with a group called Forest of Illusion.

The group has now posted some of the gameplay. It looks just like how you might expect a fast food training video to look. Gone are the typical awkward scenes that usually make up a training video in basic methods of putting together a quarter pounder or chicken nugget order.

The long-hoped-for recipe behind the Big Mac sauce is sadly not revealed.


Check out the full video below:



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