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Astral Chain Best Legion | Which Legion is the best?

Astral Chain Best Legion

Astral Chain is the latest craze, as far as JRPGs go. It features a twelve chapter storyline focused on preventing a large-scale cataclysm. Along the way players receive Legions, which are effectively captured and enslaved Chimeras, the game’s main enemies. Of course, some Legions are better suited to certain types of players over others. Here’s a guide to the Astral Chain best Legion. 

Astral Chain Best Legion | Offense, Defense, Mobility

Astral Chain Best Legion

Different players have different playstyles, it’s a fact. It’s what makes class based games so appealing. Bold and aggressive players have fast and hard hitting characters to choose, while slow and deliberate ones tend towards the defensive. Astral Chain realizes this, and provides several Legions to use and level up. But which Legions fit each player’s playstyle?


Some players like to play games assertively, quickly demolishing any enemies that stand in their way. Taking things slowly just isn’t their way. Games like Astral Chain know this, and accommodate such players accordingly. 

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The first Legion players unlock, the Sword Legion, is the epitome of offensive combat. It focuses on up close melee attacks, dealing moderate damage that can be improved with upgrades. Range minded offensive players may also like the Arrow Legion. 


They say the best offense is a good defense, or something like that. Regardless of tired cliches and sayings, defensively minded players like to limit their losses and deaths. Starting the same fight over and over doesn’t work for them. 

The Axe Legion is Astral Chain’s best defensive option. While it does deal considerable damage when up close, it’s shield ability is what really shines. Players who don’t like taking a lot of damage, prioritize the Axe Legion. 


You can’t die if the enemy can’t ever hit you. Moving fast and efficiently is how a lot of players get through tougher enemies and higher difficulty levels. Striking, running, rinsing, repeating. 

The Beast Legion is for highly mobile players. Players that want to pounce and flee will find it most useful. Also, it’s a snazzy way to get around town. With added mobility, you’ll enemies will never see you coming.

As you can see, there are a variety of Legions to choose from. However, which is the Astral Chain best Legion? That’s up to you.

Written by Andrew Smith

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