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Astral Chain Lappy Minigame | Where to play the Lappy Balloon game

Astral Chain Lappy

In Astral ChainLappy is the mascot for the in game police department. However, what a lot of players likely don’t know is that there is a hidden minigame within Astral Chain that features the lovable canine. Finding the Lappy Balloon game can be a little tricky, so here is everything you need to know about the Astral Chain Lappy minigame.

Where to Find the Astral Chain Lappy Balloon Minigame

Astral Chain Lappy

Nintendo of Europe recently let players in on a little secret about its popular Nintendo Switch game, Astral Chain. Apparently, there is a hidden minigame within the game that will allow players to take the role of Lappy, the beloved furry friend.

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However, what Nintendo didn’t share was where to find the Astral Chain Lappy minigame, which is hidden somewhere in one for the File missions. Thankfully, finding the Balloon themed game wont’ be too hard it you follow these steps.

  • Load File 8 and go to the Police Station
  • Locate Marie, who should be in the locker room
  • Approach her and she will ask you if you want to test out the Lappy Balloon minigame
  • Accept her invite to play
  • If you don’t want to play now, you can always come back later

In the Astral Chain Lappy minigame, players will take control of Lappy who will be handing out balloons to the citizens of the Ark. You’ll need to give men the yellow balloons, women the blue balloons, and children the red balloons.

As the game begins, you’ll have two minutes to hand out the proper colored balloons to the different citizens as they walk by. You’ll need to press specific buttons to hand out the different colored balloons, so you’ll need to have quick reflexes.

If you’re able to earn an S+ rank in the Lappy Balloon minigame, you’ll be rewarded with a Pixelizer, which will give your photos a retro look. Now that you know where to find the Astral Chain Lappy game, get out there and start playing.

Written by Andrew Smith

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