Back 4 Blood: How To Get Zwat Skin

There are tons of cool cosmetic items available in Back 4 Blood that can help you customize your character and stand apart from the crowd. In this guide, we will tell you how to unlock the ZWAT outfits for all the characters in the game.

How To Get Zwat Skin – Back 4 Blood

As the name suggests, the zWAT uniforms are based on real-life SWAT uniforms and look really good on your character. In order to unlock the zWAT skin for a particular character, you need to complete all the campaign maps for that character on Nightmare difficulty. So if you wish to get the zWAT skin for Doc then you will need to play all the campaign maps on Nightmare difficulty with Doc.

You don’t need to play the full campaign again with that character, just complete every map once in any order. This process is applicable to all the characters in the game.

Since playing on Nightmare difficulty can be pretty challenging, it’s safe to say that assume that it will take you a lot of time to unlock the outfit even for one character. You can expect some significant damage from your enemies and it is recommended that you play with your friends if you wish to survive.

A good strategy and co-operation with voice chat are crucial at this difficulty so playing with bots is not an option. You will need to farm campaign cards using the supply point system to ensure that you survive in the wild. Healing yourself from time to time as you kill those zombies quickly is going to be essential in every map.

That being said, collecting all the outfits for all the characters is certainly not easy as you will need to play all the maps eight times on the most challenging difficulty. After you manage to unlock them all, you will need to equip them. In order to do so, visit Fort Hope and go to the back entrance of the tent with beds in it. After you reach there, interact with it and the skins will be unlocked. To equip them, select your character from the cleaner tab and then click on the skins tab. You will be able to equip the zWAT outfit for your cleaner from here.

While these rewards are only cosmetic and don’t provide any additional benefits, they signify that you gained some impressive experience in the game by playing it on the hardest difficulty. Unlocking them is certainly not everyone’s cup of tea since they require a lot of effort and time.

Written by Borut Udovic

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