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There are tons of weapons available in Back 4 Blood for players to choose from and each weapon has its own build in the game. In this guide, we will tell you about the best shotgun build that you can use to annihilate your enemies in the game.

Shotguns can be pretty powerful since they blow and shred your enemies into different pieces in the game. They can deal a large amount of damage, especially in close-quarter combat. The only potential downside to this weapon is the long reload time.

Shotgun Build – Back 4 Blood

In this shotgun build, we have used some of the best cards available to create a deck that deal devastating damage to your enemies. The best thing about this deck is that it can be used with any character in the game so you can choose one that suits the requirements of your team. We recommended picking characters like Walker, Hoffman and Karlee since they work very well with the cards in this deck but you can choose any character of your choice.

So here are all the 15 cards you will need to equip yourself with this shotgun build:

  • Ammo Pouch
  • Ammo Stash
  • Breakout
  • Buckshot Bruiser
  • Hyper-Focused
  • Killer’s Instinct
  • Mag Coupler
  • Motorcycle Helmet
  • Numb
  • Reckless Strategy
  • Ridden Slayer
  • Scattergun Skills
  • Shell Carrier
  • Silver Bullets
  • True Grit

These cards will provide you with a really good shotgun build and make you a key part of your team. Since shotguns have a limited range, you will need to stay close to your enemies and allowing you to deal powerful damage to your enemies. So the above list also includes some armour to defend yourself.

Many cards in this list such as Ridden Slayer, Reckless and Hyperfocus will increase your weak spot damage but will reduce your movement speed and ADS. While cards like Mag coupler will increase you reload speed by 50% at the cost of losing the ability to use aim down sights in the game. You won’t be relying on aim down sights anyways since your aim is to fire the maximum number of bullets with your shotgun.

Cards like Buckshot Bruiser will provide you with a temporary health point for every bullet that hits your enemies. This can be especially during times when you trigger a door alarm or face a large horde of zombies since it can help you maintain your health even when you are surrounded by enemies. Combined with the increased weak spot damage, this shotgun build will make you an absolute killer in the game.

That’s it for the best shotgun build in Back 4 Blood. Now go ahead and blow all those zombies to pieces!

Written by Borut Udovic

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