Barotrauma: How To Activate Beacon Station

Barotrauma is a 2D co-op submarine simulator in space with survival horror elements that will mesmerize you. Players have total command of the submarine by giving orders, fighting monsters, fixing leaks, and operating the machinery. A Beacon Station is a structure that transmits long-range sonar signals to submarines and outposts and in some crucial moments of the game, you will need to activate it, but if you don’t know how then we will help you with that.

This guide will show you How to Activate Beacon Station in Barotrauma!

How To Activate Beacon Station – Barotrauma

In order to activate the beacon station in Barotrauma, first of all, you must guide the submarine to the beacon’s location which is usually an abandoned station with one entrance.

This door can be found at the top of the station.

To get to the top of the station is a very simple path, but also you can use your plasma cutter to cut through the wall and get there faster, but if you do it, you must bring a welding tool with you and seal the hole up because it will start to leak a lot.

Also, before you go to the station, don’t forget to bring one fuel cell because you will need it to get the reactor back online and power it up.

They added two new layouts for Beacon Station, and one of the new layouts has a new saltwater reactor and the other layout can spawn with a coil gun.

First, you have to repair the door by connecting the button to the door toggle state socked, and then you will see the new saltwater reactor at the bottom of the station.

This reactor is powering the batteries with salt water and you have to repair them first.

Then there are two buttons that you need to press, one for opening the water intake and another one for activating the reactor.

Once you have power, start the pump to empty the water from the station.

After that you will need to make sure that the batteries are connected to junction boxes, and also junction boxes have to be connected to each other to transfer power.

Once you got those working, lastly, the junction box upstairs needs to be connected to the station’s navigation terminal to activate the reactor.

Written by Borut Udovic

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