Battlefield 2042 Debuts But In-Game Chat and A Scoreboard Are Still Missing

After months of anticipation, Battlefield 2042 went live on Friday. The game wasn’t accessible to all gamers, though, only those who had opted for a specialty package. Still, the debut of the game has allowed reviewers to talk about what they were seeing. And some were upset about regular features that are currently missing.

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One missing feature was the scoreboard that has shown up in other versions of the game.

One Reddit user wrote, “No scoreboard means you can’t tell who’s hacking, can’t tell if the teams are balanced, can’t see how many bots there are in your lobby, can’t see everyone’s ranks/levels, can’t see everyone’s stats and comparing yourself and your squad to everyone else, can’t see the latency of everyone in the match, can’t see the overall score, and can’t see how many different classes are being played.”


Another user noted, “The players have everything to lose when there is no scoreboard, yet EA/DICE have everything to gain. If you care about your community and respect us as dedicated fans of this series, you will bring back at least this one feature.”

The game was also missing an in-game voice chat. This was less of a surprise than the lack of the scoreboard and is soon to be rectified.


Developers have noted that players may choose to chat via Discord or conduct system-level chats on Xbox or Playstation. Still, a wide-ranging chat feature is planned to be added to the game after it has its full release.

With a price tag of $109.99 for the Ultimate version, it’s understandable why some gamers are upset with the lack of certain features, especially for such a hotly anticipated game.

Other issues have already cropped up including a bug that forced Specialist Dozer to have his shield disabled in order to avoid becoming completely invincible.


It’s still very early into release so we’ll give EA Dice the benefit of the doubt that they are working through these issues and honestly, they are annoying but manageable.

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