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Battlefield 2042 Solo XP | Will It Come Back?

Battlefield 2042 Solo XP

Battlefield 2042 has been trying a few things to shake up the Battlefield formula. In terms of server options, this is one of the most unique entries to the franchise in a long time. Thanks to the Battlefield Portal system, players can enjoy Battlefield like it was in the past, or they can make their own games entirely! While this is an exciting feature, it does come at a minor cost. It seems that DICE could not stop the XP farming system from growing in the 2042 community, and the solo XP progression of the game has halted. Is there a chance of it coming back? Or will all players need to farm in multiplayer to get their weapon achievements?

Will Solo XP Progression Return to Battlefield 2042?

Battlefield 2042 Solo XP

At the current moment, Solo XP will likely not come back to Battlefield 2042 unless major glitches and faults with the AI system are recovered. During the beta, many players used AFK farming systems to farm bots. The developers at DICE decided that system wasn’t healthy, and so severely decreased XP and progression for players fighting against bots. Until DICE can figure out a healthy way for players to fight bots, it seems unlikely that the system will return.

This is a shame. Since almost all Solo or Co-op servers are Portal run, players now have limited ways to progress while playing solo. For some, that’s a deal-breaker. Battlefield 2042 doesn’t even have a campaign mode that they can play, after all. These vs. bots servers was the only way for some to play the game without the stress of multiplayer competition.

While these servers could abuse the XP mechanic, it isn’t impossible for DICE to find a solution to the problem. Perhaps they can find a way to figure out how “aggressive” the bots are allowed to be, so players who actively fight bots can receive rewards. No matter what, they will likely need to lower the creativity of Portal servers if they want to bring back vs. Bots XP to Battlefield 2042.

We’ll keep our eyes on updates. DICE will likely change how XP works to allow bots soon. But, that’ll only be if the community is loud enough about the progression being added back.

Written by Andrew Smith