Bayonetta 3: How To Farm Lotus Seeds

Bayonetta 3 is now out. Players can return to playing their beloved Umbran Witch in this fun action packed game. Throughout the game, players will earn many items such as Lotus Seeds and Umbran Tears.

Lotus Seeds are the main currency of the game and are required for all upgrades. The motorcycle level in Side Chapter 4 can be used to farm a large amount of Lotus Seeds. Learn more about the method in the guide down below!

How To Farm Lotus Seeds – Bayonetta 3

You will have to play as Jeanne on a motorcycle in this side scrolling level. Enemies defeated here will drop Lotus Seeds. The difficulty of the game does not affect the amount of Lotus Seeds you collect, so you can set the difficulty to “Casual” to make farming faster.

Around a minute into the level, there will be a shiny enemy that will drop a teapot when killed.

This will transform Jean into Cutie J and spawn a lot of enemies on the screen. 

Cutie J is a powered up version of Jeanne and can kill enemies simply by colliding with them.

The transformation will only last for 20 seconds so you should kill as much enemies as possible during this time.

Exiting the level lets you keep any Lotus Seeds you obtained, so you can exit once the transformation runs out. On average, this method can yield around 35000+ Lotus Seeds every 5 minutes. Rinse and repeat the process once you’ve obtained the amount of Lotus Seeds that you desire.

Written by Borut Udovic

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