Beat Saber: How to Become Better

Beat Saber is a great music sword slashing VR game where you need to destroy blocks that are coming your way with the rhythm of the music. Slap on your headset and get your VR controllers to see how you can become better in this game. Many players struggle to become better as VR gameplay is slightly harder than regular.

This guide will show you how to get better in Beat Saber.

How to Become Better – Beat Saber

Use your Wrist

The VR controllers are great to use. In this game, a ton of wrist movement is required if you want to be quick in getting all the boxes.

When players use their full hand to move the saber, they will not be as effective as you think. Players that use wrist motion to slice blocks will be effective. Try to practice a lot of wrist movement to improve your score!

Change the Grip of the Controller

There are a few grips that players have given names to for the VR controller. Some of these grips will allow you to be much better in the game and get better scores.

Here is a list of all the grips available:

  • Default (Using the regular grip handle of the controller)
  • Reverse Default (This grip will have the upper part of the controller facing you, some players just find it easier to navigate like this)
  • M-Grip (The M-Grip is created so the player holds the handle and the upper part of the controller at the same time, this allows them to have full movement over the game)
  • Claw (The Claw grip is created so that the player can hold the handle and have his middle finger and index finger over the ring of the controller)
  • Reverse Claw (The same grip as the claw, only this time, your middle finger and index finger go on the outer side of the ring)
  • Cock-Grip (The Cock grip is created so that the player holds the controllers handle and only the index finger is over the ring.)

These movements may be found weird at the start, but after a few matches, you may notice a slight change and better performance in your play style.

Practice Without Arrows

If you want to practice on a specific song that you have a hard time beating, try practicing the same song without arrows. When you play without arrows, you can hit the blocks from any direction. This will allow you to memorize where the blocks are coming from in the song.

After you’ve memorized where each block comes from, turn on arrows and see if you can get it done.

Turn up the Speed

Practice on a song. Once you complete the level on a lower speed, try turning up the speed to see if you can improve. Slowly turning up the speed will allow you to react much better on faster movements due to the fact that you’ve already finished that level and you know where the blocks come from.

Turning up the speed multiple times on a song will definitely improve your overall performance.

Go back from the Start

Try to go back to one of the first songs that you’ve played before and mastered. Open up those songs and turn on a modifier which will make the same song a bit hard to beat. Practice on that until you become even better.

After that, you can head back to the newer songs and see if you are going to be able to beat them.

Written by Borut Udovic

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