Beneath The Mountain | Beginners’ Guide

Beneath The Mountain is not really a main stream game but it’s a damn impressive indie game. The mechanics and the whole idea behind it are very well-done, but it’s not forgiving for new players. Use this guide as a quick start guide before you start your adventures in Beneath The Mountain. We’ll cover more of the basic stuff, basically all that you need to get going.

Beginners’ Guide – Beneath The Mountain

Early Game

Let’s talk early game and world creation. For world creation, you’re looking to generate a world that will have more resources on the start. These resources or minerals are gold pixels and the more pixels in a world, the more minerals u have. Here’s a picture of those gold pixels:

Just look for as much of these as possible.

As for when you get into the world, the best thing to do is start mining the walls and clear up some space for building. Clear out one or two walls on each side.

While you miners do that, you want to take the King and go explore. You need to do this to find some valuable rocks that you can mine. When u hover over a rock or wall, you’ll see a hammer icon and a gold icon.

The hammer icon indicates how quickly your miners can mine the wall. The higher the number, the tougher to mine that block. As for the gold icon, it indicates how much minerals are inside the rock. The higher the number, the more minerals inside the rock.

Don’t go out too far with the King, just check out about 20-30 tiles in one direction. If there are any that have a high mineral value and a low mining value, set your miners to mine them.

Look for them in the starting area as well. For reference, here’s a good tile that needs to be mined:

Just keep mining is the thing I would say for early game. Keep mining and keep expanding your building area.


Make sure you keep on generating more miners from the mining building. Also, make some engineers as well because they’ll help you in a lot of ways. However, what you need to focus on mid game is increasing the population capacity.

On a side note, the engineers will build walls and add torches to walls so that enemies can’t spawn. This is when the engineers have no tasks to do.

Back to increasing population cap, you’ll need to build a house, as soon as you have the gold for it. This will increase your population capacity and you can have more miners out at a time.

So, early and mid-game focus is: Clear out as much area as possible, increase population cap as much as possible, get a proper mining force, and a couple of engineers.

Here’s a reference to a cleared-out area:

IMPORTANT: As soon as you have the right amount of funds and a sufficient area cleared-out, build a barracks immediately and start getting some troops. Axe-Guards are the best to start with.

After building a barracks, keep on getting troops. If you’re population cap, build houses. Just rinse and repeat this step. Also, keep looking for valuable tiles to mine because money is king in this game.

When you have enough of soldiers you can use, its time to go into some spider caves and look for resources there. Because chances are, the resources in the starting area won’t be enough.

After a while it’s a good idea to also start fortifying your base with traps and barricades. Go for a balanced build, not a fully attack build or a full defense build in the mid-game.

Late Game

Late game is a bit more complicated and there are many strategies to go with. You can either go a full fortification build or a full attack build here. Basically, you can either make your base unbreachable or have a very strong attack force.

All in all, my main tips are: Keep mining, keep exploring caves, keep clearing out areas, keep on expanding, build more buildings, increase population, look for valuable tiles. It’s a cycle of those things.

We haven’t experienced Beneath The Mountain fully in late game, so there’s really not much to go on. And as for this full beginners’ guide, let it serve you as a quick start and not as a strategy.

Written by Borut Udovic

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